In my continuing saga of my work computer, it is supposed to be replaced today. Will it? Only the shadow knows. Wish me luck.

As you all know, it’s finally happened. My muse has taken a holiday or a vacation, whatever. My Devotion has not been updated in three months. As a reader, I would find this disappointing and discouraging. Whether I wanted to feel that way or not or feel it was fair. I followed stories in the past that it was torture to wait for and some even ultimately never got updated and were abandoned. I’ve never wanted to be that writer, I assure you.

It is my intention to slog through it and get it updated sometime this week. I need luck for that too. I also have half of the next chapter of Broken written.

Mother ended up in the ER yesterday. She’s 91 so she gets watched pretty closely. She was feeling dizzy. They couldn’t really find anything wrong so they allowed her to go home even though they recommended she stay overnight just in case. She didn’t want to so she went home.

In just over two weeks, I am going to my favorite locale of Morro Bay for M’s birthday weekend (last weekend of August). Lately we’ve been staying only overnight but this time we are spending two nights there and we are so looking forward to it. A romantic weekend for two.

I will try to get another chapter of Didn’t We Almost Have it All done this week but with the other two taking priority, we will see how it goes. I *should* have a flash fic up on Friday.

Our temps are typical August, high eighties and up to mid to high 90s. based on accuweather reports right now, I don’t see any 100s coming up but of course that could change. Last couple of nights I have been able to sleep with window open and no fan on, so I consider that a success!