Prompt This Week: Going Back to Bed (or in this case staying there) , interfering with diplomacy which will require an excuse!


Jim woke slowly, trying to acclimate himself to where he was exactly. Besides bed of course. That much he knew. He felt a heavy arm across his midsection and for half a second he drew a complete blank. Then the arm shifted and a hand stroked up his hip and to his stomach.

“Spock?” he whispered, shivering.

“Is it morning, Captain?”

Spock’s voice was thick with sleep and somehow it was incredibly endearing. He was as naked as Jim himself was, of course, and plastered against Jim, all hot molten lava. But Jim didn’t mind. In face there was a chill in the air and even from where he lay in bed, he could see out the window that the snow was falling softly.

“Looks that way.”

Instead of moving away from Jim and rising from the bed as he expected, Spock snuggled closer. And even kissed Jim’s ear.


“Are you experiencing regret for our extensive sexual copulation last evening?” Spock asked. He didn’t sound particularly bothered or concerned.

“Extensive?” Jim smiled. How could he not?

“As I recall I took you in the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom, in the chair over there, and then—”

“Okay, yeah,” Jim said quickly. “Extensive.” He cleared his throat. Flexed his ass a little. Which turned out to be a mistake because Spock pressed closer and Jim felt Spock’s hard dick sliding over the crease between his cheeks. “Spock, stop that.” He may have groaned that.

“”To what do you refer?”

Jim chuckled. “You know what. We’re supposed to get up and leave. Our shore leave is over and we’re due in San Francisco to meet with the diplomats from…” Spock pressed against him. “Fuck.”

“They are from Xaria 4, Captain. There is no Federation planet, Fuck.”

“Smartass.” He yelped when Spock pinched his cheek. “Hey!”

“Did that hurt?” Spock murmured.

“Well, no. But it might have.”

Spock licked Jim’s ear.

“Oh my God.” He shivered. “How did I not know you are such a horndog?”


“Hell no. But my ass might be if you keep this up.”

“I suspect it will be just fine.”

Jim sighed and leaned back against him. “If I had known Riverside would cause you to attack me I would have invited you before.”

“I did not attack you, Captain. We engaged in extensive—”

“Sexual copulation. Yeah, I know. I don’t mean like punch me out. Anyway, why now? Our last night.”

“I could no longer resist you.”

“That sounds good.” Jim closed his eyes. “I guess we have to get up.”

“Or…we could stay in bed.”

Jim craned his neck a little to look at Spock. “What?”

“The crew still has three more days of shore leave before we must depart Earth. It was only the two of us who were advised to attend the diplomatic meeting.”

“Well, yeah, but we’re sort of important. And if we miss it, there will be hell to pay.”

“Mm. I believe it is snowing harder. What do you think?”

Jim glanced at the window. “It doesn’t look any worse than a few minutes ago.”

Spock shook him. “Does it not? I believe it may turn into a blizzard.”

Jim licked his lips. “Yes. You know. You’re right, Mister Spock. That definitely looks like a blizzard.”


Spock nipped his ear.

“Let’s just…stay in bed then, right?”

He felt the tip of Spock’s cock press between his cheeks. “I quite agree, Captain.”

“Spock,” Jim moaned out. To hell with diplomacy.