So here we go. You must understand that I took hundreds so this is just a small sampling.

Let me start with the boxer shorts I bought. This was on the back end, M was quite amused.Boxer

Next up are just random pictures from the trip. We went on a lake one day for fishing. No, I didn’t fish and nothing was caught. We went to a place in Idaho called Bear World where you got to feed bread to bears who follow your truck. We also went to Old Faithful, Grand Prismatic Springs, and Grand Teton. Enjoy!


Baby Bears


Moose at Bear World


Where’s my bread?


Lazy Wolf at the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center

Grand Prismatic Hot Springs (these kill people, I am reading a book on deaths and accidents at Yellowstone and Hot Springs deaths (basically you are boiled and burned to death, out number bear attacks by far)




Grand Teton National Park, what an amazing place

Some pictures just around Yellowstone

Some Pictures just around Yellowstone

Image53 Image49

Hebgen Lake Day


It’s harder to get pictures of Old Faithful erupting than you might think! Plus it drenched us where we were. Soaked!



One of my favorite areas was called West Thumb. Beautiful. As you can see with those pictures. It’s filled with beautiful, colorful hot springs like the one above. Humans cannot withstand them. In that book I mentioned West Thumb happened to an area with frequent accidents and deaths. They used to allow fishing in the area but the lake there itself has lots of these spring and they burned fisherman. Remember, Yellowstone is a super volcano. This pool above that is beautiful and blue? Is called Black Pool. Many years ago it used to be black but the thermal elements of Yellowstone’s volcano made it so hot that all the life that used to live in the Black Pool were killed off and now it looks like this (Ranger told us)