I managed to get When it Began finished this past week. Since I started a new fic, Unbonded, I thought I needed to get something done. Only fair. Unbonded was another one that I thought of as a short one-shot and it started building in my head and I decided to make it a new one.

On the update next list is For the First Time in My Life I was Happy, Where My Demons Hide, Who’s the Daddy, and You are the Light Who’s Leading Me. Those are the ones that I haven’t updated since April. Hopefully I can get an update up for each of them before I go on my trip and will be incommunicado.

This is up one day early because I plan to be pretty busy tomorrow with laundry in the morning and  family thing in the afternoon.

I can’t believe how fast my trip is coming up. I don’t even know how I will pay for it. I have a little bit of stock. I might have to sell it.

Also coming up fast are two other things in June. On June 25, my Th’y’la Bang Story is supposed to be posted. All I can say is never again. I have my reasons but I will not say here. I am very pleased with the story and excited for everyone to read it. But this is going to be my one and only year, so enjoy it.

And the other is June 26, is when I go to the Hollywood Bowl and see Queen with Adam Lambert. There are eight of us going.

That’s about all I have for now. See you around

And a pretty picture