Well, clearly I didn’t get What Happened to Spock updated this past week. It’s on my list for this week though. I think after that it should be Forever I am With You for the week. That may be all you get out of me. We will see. I have a busy weekend ahead of me and when I have busy weekends I tend to get more lazy during the week.

Had some car problems this past week and had to have Billy the car into the shop on Thursday. It cost me a bit of money but could have been much worse.

Friday we had a party with friends over and much food but it also cost me the act of forcing myself to socialize. *shudder*

I decided to DVR Chris’ time on SNL but I haven’t watched it yet. I’ve seen tons of stuff on it though. It always takes me a long time to watch stuff I’ve DVRd but I finally did see all the rest of the episodes of Grimm. Great show. Sorry to see it go.


Sunday was busy as we had the one year birthday part of the Great Niece, Quinn. The niece and nephew (her parents) live two hours away so it was two hours there and two back. Last we saw them was at Christmas. She’s such a cutie, but the whole thing is a little exhausting.

This weekend I have a party on Saturday and a family BBQ on Mother’s Day.

It’s cooled down considerably and we even had a tiny touch of rain.

Remember when I was worried about layoffs at my job? Didn’t get laid off. But I did get more work. So there you go! HA.