Out of control tongue

It’s been a constant struggle for the last two weeks, I’m not going to lie. It takes a lot for me to remain positive in light of what’s going on around me as well as while I am still fighting the worst cold I have had to endure in years.

I have asthma and every illness I get goes into my lungs and makes me sound like a seal while I hack my lungs out. It’s distressing and embarrassing to be honest. I spent the better part of the last three days holed up in my house desperate to get better. And while I think I am on the mend, please let me be, the cough remains. It’s the kind cough that wracks your whole body, you even feel your heart clenching in your chest. It’s a nightmare.

It’s caused me to slow down on updating fan fictions but that’s life. I think I am supposed to do Me When I Was Young next but in all honesty if I don’t feel like it, I may go out of order. You got Don’t Walk Away simply because I didn’t want to work on anything else.

Due to being out sick and on vacation days, I have work at the day job coming out of my eyeballs. Later this week I am supposed to be going to a fancy dinner for a friend’s birthday that has already been postponed once, so yeah, I’m going. Though I can’t say I’m all that looking forward to it.