As part of my weekly ramblings, you get a picture. Isn’t he pretty?

Well here we are in 2017.

The year didn’t start out well for me. I got a nasty comment on my fanfiction, When It Began, which basically questioned my whole scene with the teens, implying I was going “too fast” with the story, that the teens shouldn’t be kissing (who knows why), and worst of all, that Spock was completely out of character in the story. In fact they said he was so out of character “it hurt”. I am admittedly “Jimcentric” but I still try hard to get everything right with Spock. That was the New Year’s Day comment I woke up to.

To say I almost threw in the towel on that story as well as my entire account on AO3 would be an understatement.  I put so much effort into those stories, not just for me, but for everyone else, and I was discouraged and disappointed.

I know I have a pretty vigorous readership on there. Many of whom never comment. And others who only comment sporadically. But all I could see was the negative.

I’m still struggling to “get over it”.

Like my friend, Kris, I don’t make resolutions. Not anymore. But I do have a few things I’d like to do this year and that includes the dreaded losing weight. I am too old at this point to worry about being hot or anything, but I do want to be healthier and that is probably more my goal than necessarily a number on a scale. I’d also like to be better with money. Later this year I will be going to Yellowstone (June) and how I will afford it is still a mystery. I spent way too much at Christmas, though it made ME happy to do so, so that’s important too. Still I need to better control my spending. I need to be better to myself too.

That’s about the extent of my ramblings this week. I am still going to the hospital on a daily basis. I’ll be there again tonight. The latest is that they’ve determined she has A-Fib as well as all kinds of infections. She’s having swallowing and speech therapy though and is doing quite well with those. She has no paralysis and her movement is fine. It also seems like most of the sundowner’s syndrome has faded. But yeah, still in the hospital and likely for a few more days.