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Flash Fic, May 06, 2022

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Bodega Bay was north of San Francisco but west of Napa. It was in the same county as Napa, but it seemed far enough from Jim’s family that he didn’t feel too guilty not swinging by to see them.

He’d talked to all three of them more than once over the last week and he was steadfast in his decision not to introduce Spock to them.

Admittedly, he had somewhat selfish reasons for it. For the limited time he was to have with Spock, he wanted that time to himself. Which was also why he’d told Nyota no when she wanted to double date for dinner with him bringing Spock.

Another reason for not wanting to introduce Spock to the family unit was that years from now he didn’t want Spock to be someone they all talked about in the past tense.

Gary the creep, Ruth the snooty bracelet thief, and Spock the one with pointy ears.

No thanks.

Bodega Bay was a beautiful seaside town, though most people knew it from the 1960 s Hitchcock movie, The Birds. Of course, Spock had never seen that movie and Jim was kind of glad. He didn’t want Spock giving the side eye to  every bird they spotted while they were there.

He’d booked them a way too expensive room with an ocean view that was just steps away from the beach and right next door to an elegant seafood restaurant. He had reviewed their menu before making reservations there for dinner and did find a couple of sparse vegetarian choices. Spock had assured him it was fine.

After they got settled in, they went walking through the town, which really wasn’t very big. It was quaint and idyllic. If you came there expecting a great deal of nightlife, you’d be disappointed.

It was cool and breezy and even a little foggy as it often was in the summer by the northern beaches. Only natives knew that fall, winter, and spring brought much sunnier skies than summer. The fog rolled in every night in the summer. Or just about anyway.

Spock’s little knit cap didn’t seem out of place at all and both of them wore light jackets.

“It’s very pretty here,” Spock commented.

“I like it. Not that I come here that often. But I’ve been a time or two.” He shrugged and smiled. “I actually lived here in a cliffside cottage for about a year.”

“Did you? A rental?”

Jim shook his head. “Nah. I was a kept man.” He laughed.


“Surfer days, Spock. Or tried anyway. Never was all that great on a surfboard, but I looked the part. The beaches here aren’t that far from the vineyard, so I’d come out here and hang around, pretending I was straight out of one of those old fifties beach movies.”

He laughed again. He knew he was blushing, but Spock was staring at him intensely, like he was enormously interested in whatever Jim had to say. Not many ever seemed that interested.

“One day, this older lady, Mavis Vanderholt, very wealthy and sophisticated was Mavis. She was a widow. Not that old, really, but older than me. Her husband had died off a fishing boat in Bodega Bay. I was nineteen and she was in her late thirties. She started talking to me, you know, and then pretty soon I went to her little cliffside cottage, and we slept together.”

Spock arched a brow.

“She was a sexy older woman. I kinda never left for days and then pretty soon she said to me, I guess you live here now.”


“Uh-huh. We spent our days having sex and going to the beach. It was lazy and bohemian. It went on for about a year. One afternoon after sex, Mavis looked at me and said, ‘Jim, it’s time for you to leave’. So I did.”

“A most unusual woman.”

“Pretty much. Never saw her again, to be honest. Five years ago, I saw an online obituary for her. Killed herself. She had a sister who sold the cottage. No idea who owns it now.”

Spock stared at him again. “You have led an interesting life, Jim.”

“You mean a weird one.”

“Not at all. I find you…fascinating.” He took Jim’s hand as they continued to walk along the beach. “I am glad you invited me to do this, Jim. I do not think I will ever forget this place.”

Jim smiled, leaned in and kissed him. “Yeah, me either.”  

Flash Fic, May 05, 2022

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Spock opened the door to his apartment the next morning, Saturday, to Jim holding a silver tray packed full of delicious smelling pastries.

“Good morning. Can I come in? This thing is super heavy.”

Spock took the tray from Jim and stepped aside to let the Human in. He then carried the tray into the kitchen and set it down.

“What are these?”

“Cherry Danish. My favorite is cheese, but I didn’t have the cream cheese. They aren’t vegan but they are vegetarian.”

Spock had already scooped one up. “Did you actually make these, Jim?”

“I did. Long ago, before I became a physicist and then a teacher, I did a whole bunch of crap trying to ‘discover’ myself.” Jim did little air quotes with his fingers when he said this. “One of those was a brief time spent in culinary school. My absolute favorite things to make were desserts.”

Spock took a bite of the still warm cherry pastry. “This is…”

“Incredible.” Jim grinned. “I know.”

“It truly is,” Spock agreed. “I believe you could make me these every day and I would be beyond pleased.”

Jim laughed. “So make yourself some tea and I’ll make coffee.”

He moved off to the coffeemaker Spock had bought for him.

As he did so Spock contemplated Jim. He was incredibly gorgeous and just about the kindest, most interesting man of any species he had ever met. Should Spock be stuck here on Earth in this timeline there would be worse things than staying with Jim. But he just didn’t know.

Besides working himself to find a way back home, Spock assumed perhaps his father and other Vulcans might be engaged in the same thing. They would likely have better success than he would. And if that happened, it could be at any time and might afford him little time to say goodbye to Jim, if any.

But there were so many things he could get used to with Jim.

“I was thinking.”

“Yes?” Spock prompted, moving to the electric tea kettle sitting beside the stove.  

Jim shrugged. “Next weekend.”


“Maybe we should, uh, I don’t know. Head to Bodega Bay for the weekend. Well, we could leave Saturday morning, you know, so we don’t have Friday’s going home traffic. Get a room with an ocean view.” Jim smiled over his shoulder at Spock. “Totally casual, of course.”

Spock blinked. Flipped the switch on the tea kettle.

“Bad idea?” Jim asked.


“I agree that it would be nice to go to Bodega Bay next weekend.

Jim gave him a sunny smile. “Sweet. I’ll get us a room.”

Spock nodded. He would merely have to be careful not to appear to “alien” to Jim. He could do this.

Flash Fic, May 04, 2022

Another night of incredible passion, and then Spock had to say goodnight once more to Jim and go their separate ways to their own apartments. Well, Jim had.

After dinner they had returned to Spock’s apartment and headed straight for Spock’s bedroom. Jim was a very giving and gifted lover. Lying beside him after, Spock was spent in more ways than one, but Jim had risen up, got dressed and departed once more for his own place.

Spock wanted to stop him and ask him to stay. Tomorrow was Saturday and neither one of them would be required to go to work. But fear held him back and yes he could admit it.

Part of him feared he would do something that would make Jim realize he was not from modern Earth. A relatively simple thing like accidentally cutting himself with a knife while chopping onions could reveal his green blood.

Spock did not know yet if he wished to tell Jim where and when he was from. Jim was a scientist and would likely understand more than many other Humans, but that wasn’t a given. If Jim freaked out, that could well be a disaster for him there on Earth besides just being a disaster for their relationship.

Even if Spock told Jim and he accepted everything Spock revealed, Jim might not be into sleeping with an outer spaceman. Spock selfishly wanted to hold onto a physical relationship with Jim as long as he possibly could.

And if Jim believed him and still wanted to have sex, the plain facts of their eventual probable separation still existed. Spock didn’t want everything to end at all let alone prematurely.

He had feelings for Jim. Affectionate feelings and he was wise enough to know he had fallen in love and he was pretty sure Jim returned his feelings.

Which left everything else such a conundrum.

And so, when Jim got up and left Spock’s bed, and Jim told him not to get up, he could continue to lie there in bed, Spock did, and just listened to the sound of Jim leaving.

Contemplated what it would really be to leave Jim. And did not like that thought at all.  

Flash Fic, May 03, 2022

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“This is nice,” Jim said a few days later, on Friday, when they decided to go out to a restaurant together.

It was one that would accommodate Spock’s vegetarian tastes as well as Jim’s not so much. He was used to Nyota’s eating requirements, and going to “health food” places, but at least this one was just a nice restaurant.

On the way there, and all the way to their table in the back, Spock kept his knitted cap on the cover his ears. Jim felt bad that he felt the need to wear it, but on the other hand, he also knew how people were.

Once at the table though, Spock did remove it.

“They have my family’s Cabernet Sauvignons here. I’m thinking of getting a bottle. Would you have some?”

“I don’t drink wine.”

Jim smiled. “Do you drink blood?”

“I beg your pardon?”

He laughed and shook his head. “Dracula. You know, from the movies. He’d sometimes say that. Like Frank Langella from the 70s,  I think.”

Spock shook his head.

“No? Okay, well.” Jim just smiled.

“Unknown references notwithstanding, Jim, I do not normally drink red wine, but since it’s from your family’s vineyard I am willing to do so.”


When their waiter came, and he started staring at Spock, Jim gave him the stink eye and the waiter quickly looked away and covered.

“We’ll have a bottle of the Kirk Vineyard’s Cabernet Sauvignon.”

The waiter nodded. “Coming right up.”

“Is this okay?” Jim asked. “I mean I know going out was my idea. I just thought it might be nice for kind of a real date.”

“It is perfectly fine, Jim.” Spock paused. “And it is nice.”


“Why do you assume there’s a bit?”

He sighed. “There’s always a but.”

The waiter arrived with the bottle and poured even for Jim to sample. Of course he was quite familiar with the taste.

“Great, thanks.”

The waiter poured them both wine in their glasses and Jim sent him away while they continued to look at the menu.

“You don’t mind if I get a steak, do you?”

“Of course not. You may order whatever you want.”

“What are you thinking of?”

“Possibly the pasta primavera.”

“Good choice. If you like veggies.” Jim laughed again.

“I do.” Spock’s lips curved and he took a sip of the wine. “While I am not entirely familiar with everything wine is supposed to be, this is pleasant enough.”

“I’m glad you think so. It’s Dad’s pride and joy.”

“You mentioned a but.”

“Right. Just…I don’t know. Does it seem strange or even stupid to go out on a dinner date when you’re going home to Massachusetts soon?”

“Massachusetts,” Spock repeated softly.

“That’s where Vulcan is, right?”

Spock nodded. “Yes, it is East of here.”

“Every time I get involved with someone I end up liking, well, something happens that ends things. In your case, obviously, you’re getting out of dodge.”

“Getting out of—”

Jim waived that away. “Another saying. It means leaving.”

The waiter hovered nearby and Jim gestured him over. They made their orders and then Jim waited for him to leave again.

“It seems to me,” Jim continued. “That this is all kind of a waste of time on something that doesn’t really have a future.”

“I know and I am sorry.”

He nodded. “But I like you so much, I can’t seem to help myself with waiting the time anyway. When you leave, I’m going to…well feel pretty crappy to be honest.”

“It will be the same for me.”

Jim reached over and took Spock’s hand. “Somehow that doesn’t make me feel much better.”

Flash Fic, May 02, 2022

Totally Modern Jim is back. Hope to get this resolved and finished this month and up on AO3.

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Jim bent down and grabbed himself a bottled beer from his fridge.

“How’s Dad doing?” he asked his brother. He had Sam on speaker phone, his cell phone lying on the counter.

“Pretty good. Getting his strength back. He’s been out to the vineyard once even. Has to take it pretty slow but I think he’s going to be okay.”

Jim smiled. “I’m so glad. I was really worried. Wish I could see him more often.”

“You could move up here. There’s enough bedrooms and bathrooms for you to have your own ensuite. I might even be persuaded to get some constructions guys out to put in your own direct access door straight to your rooms.”

He rolled his eyes, well aware Sam couldn’t see him. But this was a constant with his family. Always trying to talk him into moving to Napa.

“That would be far too much of a commute from the University,” he said dryly.

“The winery’s doing well enough these days you could give up teaching. Dad and I can give you pointers on what you’d need to know about the wine business. You’ve said before you’re getting a little tired of teaching.” Sam paused. “Unless you’re getting along really good with that neighbor of yours.”


“Strange name. Spock what?”

“I don’t know. It’s just Spock.”

“Hmm. So are you?”

“As a matter of fact he’s coming over here when he gets home from work.”

“Aha, so you are. When are you going to be bringing him up to meet the family?”

Jim laughed, twisted off the cap from his beer and took a long swig. “Never.”

“Never? You guys aren’t getting close?”

“Define close.”

“Sleeping together?”


“Then why not bring him? Are you embarrassed by us?”

He sighed. “Nope. I mean, yeah, who wouldn’t be, but that’s not it.”

Sam snorted. “What is then? Why don’t you want us to meet your boyfriend?”

“Because he isn’t.”


“That’s right. Not my boyfriend. We’re dating or seeing other, sleeping together, I guess, but the truth is it’s really temporary, so we aren’t getting serious.”

“It’s not really like you to sleep with someone casually though.”

“I know. But this time that’s what’s going on. I would have liked something else, but Spock’s not sticking around. His life here in San Francisco is temporary. He’s going back to where he came from soon.”

“I see. And where is that?”

“Some place called Vulcan. I think it’s back east. Like Massachusetts or something. So there’s no point in bringing him to meet the folks under those circumstances.”

No matter how much he was falling for Spock. Idiot that he was.

“Yeah I get you. Well, when he is gone, you should give serious consideration to my offer, Jim. We all want you here in Napa. If you don’t want to work on the vineyard, there are colleges up here for you to consider teaching at.”

“I’ll think about it,” Jim finally conceded.

“Good. I gotta go. I’ll talk to you again in a few days. Bye.” Jim disconnected the call and sighed. He was expecting Spock in about an hour, so he had work to do on grading papers in the meantime.

Flash Fic, April 29, 2022

The next day, Tuesday, Spock went to work at the Science Institute. Thus far he had not had much luck with figuring out how to return to his own timeline. Though the equipment there was useful, it was not as advanced as what Spock had back home, and even on his crashed ship. At some point if he could not create something useful, he was going to have to dig up parts of the buried ship.

When he returned home, Spock briefly went to Jim’s door. He hadn’t heard from Jim all day, and of course he had not. He’d forgotten to exchange cell phone numbers with Jim before he’d left Spock’s apartment last night.

He’d been forced to get this timeline’s version of a communication device in order to function, therefore, he may as well use it to keep in touch with Jim.

It seemed as though Jim was not yet home and he had a vague recollection that Jim once mentioned Tuesdays and Thursdays as his “late days”. He went back to his own apartment and let himself in.

Around seven-thirty, he heard Jim arriving home, but Spock did not immediately leap up and go out into the hallway. Appearing to be a stalker would just freak out the Human.

And yet as Spock’s time was limited, he was anxious to see Jim as often as he could. There was something about the Human that drew Spock like an insect to a flame.

Jim was uncommonly gorgeous but there was more to it. Or Spock thought so. And the way to find out was to spend as much time as he could with Jim while the opportunity presented itself.

He waited half an hour, however, before finally getting up and going over to see Jim.

It took only a moment or so for Jim to open the door.

He smiled at Spock. “Oh, hey. Come on in.”

Spock did. He could smell something cooking.

“I’m making myself a simple tuna casserole,” Jim explained. “I hate Tuesdays. Classes run late.”

“I recall. I realized today that we had not exchanged cell phone numbers. Had we done so I could have perhaps had food waiting for you.”

“Oh you wouldn’t have to do that, but yes, we should.” Jim gave Spock his information and Spock reciprocated. “There. All set now. How was your day?”

“Boring mostly. And yours?”

“Kind of the same. Long as I said. I usually gobble down some food while I’m sitting watching television on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You want to do that with me?”

The alternative would be to return to his lonely apartment.

“I have eaten, but I would not object to watching television on the couch with you.”

“Great.” And he got that dazzling smile that did funny things to his side.

That’s what they did. Jim put on an old movie, he said it was from 1934 and was called It Happened One Night. In all honesty, Spock didn’t pay much attention. About one third of the way in, Jim had fallen asleep and leaned against Spock. Spock ended up putting his arm around Jim and pulling him close. So while the movie played and Spock watched it a little, he was much more interested in the feel of the man in his arms, all the while wondering how he could ever leave Jim behind.

that’s the end of April, Totally Modern Jim will be back Monday, May 02!

Flash Fic, April 28, 2022

For a moment, Jim didn’t know what to say. He was trying not to feel crushing disappointment and failing.

A huge part of him should have known because the truth was nothing ever worked out for him, not really. And he hated feeling self-pity, but he was struggling with it just then.

The Kirk family rolled with the punches. They let stuff just slide and learned to move on. This was what Jim had been taught all his life.

He forced a smile and nodded. “Okay. So, we aren’t talking about tomorrow or anything, are we?”

“No.” Spock shook his head quickly. “No. Definitely not that quickly.” He hesitated. “I am not yet sure of my end date here. At present it is…up in the air.”

“But you are leaving.”

“Correct. I will be returning to where I came from.”

Jim wished he had something stronger than coffee. Like a double scotch or something. A glass of wine. But nope.

Be a big boy, Jimmy you can do this.

“Until then, we can continue to see each other then, right?”

Spock blinked long and slow kind of like a cat Jim once had. Jim had surprised him, he could see that. And for a moment Jim thought Spock was going to say no.

“Yes. That is my hope. I do…I am sorry for not informing you of this prior to the commencement of something between us.”

“Sex,” Jim supplied.

“Yes, before the commencement of sex between us.”

Jim smiled a little then, mostly because Spock’s face looked so pinched a that moment it looked painful. Someone had to ease the tension here.

“The situation is far from ideal,” Jim admitted. “I was hoping for…well whatever. What I have is this. However long it lasts. As long as that’s what you want too, Spock. I can’t speak for both of us.”

“I want this,” Spock said simply, not elaborating beyond that, yet Jim was tempted to read something deeper there.

His smile widened. “Good.”

After dinner and clean up, Jim made the decision to return to his own apartment for the night, even though there was the barest hint of staying from Spock.

Jim wasn’t ready for that, not after the shock he’d just received. And maybe if this was temporary, he shouldn’t get to that point anyway.

“I get up early,” Jim said, standing by the door of Spock’s apartment. “All my stuff is there, next door. It’s just you know, easier to go to my bed for the night.”

Spock nodded. “Quite understandable.”

Jim leaned in to kiss him, which Spock returned the kiss with such enthusiasm, Jim almost dragged him back to the bedroom. He resisted though.

“Goodnight, Spock.”

“Goodnight, Jim.”

Jim opened the door and went out into the hallway.

“Will I see you tomorrow?” Spock asked.

Jim grinned. “Try and stop me.”

Flash Fic, April 27, 2022

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“Mm. This is really good.” Jim took a long, savoring sip of the coffee Spock had brewed. He looked at the beans Spock had purchased, that he’d clearly ground himself for Jim’s pleasure. “Good choice for the coffee too.”

“I am pleased you approve.” Spock was at the stove, finishing up their previously neglected dinner.

Jim felt amazing. Better than he had in a long time. Apparently as the saying went, he needed to get laid. And wow was he ever. He had to reign it in just a bit not to get too enthusiastic to scare Spock off. But yeah, maybe, he was a little bit in love. Or had a big time crush, whatever.

“I approve of everything, believe me.”

Spock’s lips twitched. “If you would like to sit at the dining table, I am almost ready to bring over dinner.”

“Sure thing.”

Jim went and sat, waiting for Spock.

Eventually Spock brought over two plates of steaming hot rigatoni pasta with marinara sauce. It smelled great and Jim realized he really was starving. Spock had made garlic bread too.

“Good thing I kissed you before this,” Jim joked after biting into one of those thick slices of garlic bread called Texas Toast.

For a few minutes they ate in silence, but it didn’t feel awkward to Jim. There was a comfortableness to it he hadn’t felt with anyone in a long time.

“I’m glad we were on the same page,” he heard himself say after a while.


“Yeah. You know. Our interest in each other. I didn’t want to get it wrong.”

Spock nodded. “You did not get it wrong.”

Jim smiled.


Jim’s smile slipped.

“I was reluctant to become involved in any sort of relationship with you,” Spock said.

“Oh. Uh. Something I did or said?” Jim could only imagine considering the whole thing with the ears.

“Negative. The truth is…I am in San Francisco only temporarily. I will be leaving soon.”

Flash Fic, April 26, 2022

I was as vague as I could be here so as not to be too explicit on HERE, but it’s still Definitely NSFW

The Moment has arrived though for Totally Modern Jim

The best thing to do was to steer Jim to Spock’s bedroom where there were no windows to let in light and Spock only had a small lamp on a side table. That would likely mean Jim couldn’t see any color differences.

He opened his eyes and straightened from the wall. He turned off the burner for the water to boil the pasta and made sure everything else was off for now. They could eat later. They would need their strength.

Spock was alerted the moment Jim approached his door again. He did not hear the Human, but he was very much aware of everything concerning Jim, and he didn’t stop to analyze why.

Jim tapped lightly on Spock’s door, but then came in. He grinned at Spock as he held up a strip of foil condom packages and a bottle of lubricant.

Spock found his own lips curving in response. He held out his hand for Jim to take it and was pleased when Jim’s warm hand fit perfectly into his. He led him toward his bedroom, taking the condoms from him as he did so.

Jim moved to switch on the lamp, but Spock stopped him, a hand on Jim’s wrist.

“No lights.” He tried not to make it sound harsh or panicked. He heard Jim’s huff of breath and realized he had managed it.

“Okay, sure. I know some people have hang ups. I just know how beautiful naked you have to be.”

Spock pulled him close and slipped Jim’s short off. “Some other time.”


They returned to kissing then as they helped each other out of their clothes, then fell onto Spock’s bed, mouths fuses, limbs entangled. Jim felt soft and hard everywhere, somehow, no matter how illogical that was.

Spock had never been so aroused, so desperate to be inside someone before.

Jim reached to put a condom on Spock. “Wow, you’re really leaking a lot of stuff.”

“I-I apologize,” Spock said, shyly.

“Oh, babe, I’m not complaining, I’m marveling.” Jim kissed him again, so hard, and passionately Spock nearly came from it.

Condom in place, Jim positioned himself on the bed beneath Spock, handing the lubricant to apply, which he did.

When they were finally joined, Spock didn’t think he’d ever felt anything like it, ever felt so connected with anyone. He knew his heart hammered in his side, and when Jim’s hands caressed him everywhere, a part of him feared Jim would notice the pulsing of his side, and be repulsed by the alien making love to him.

But that never happened. It was glorious in every way. Jim begging him breathlessly, Spock driving in, again and again, their heavy breathing, messy kisses. It was all so shockingly perfect.

Later, Spock collapsed on Jim and the Human’s arms wrapped tight around him, holding him there, though Spock imagined he was really quite heavy.

He did not know what to say in the aftermath of such a life changing event. How he could ever have anyone else after having Jim.

“You all right, Spock?” Jim whispered, his mouth close to Spock’s ear, making him shiver.

“Yes,” Spock replied, turning his head so he could kiss Jim once more. “Yes.”  

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