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Ramblings of the Week, November 20, 2017

Hello Friends

This is a super short week for me work wise. As I am only working today! WOO HOO. Got the rest of the week off. I wanted the whole week but with my cruise taking up forty hours of my PTO it just wasn’t doable. Next year!

Happily the rest of the week is mine. I can’t wait until Friday when I can begin to decorate for Christmas. Sunday the 26th is our annual decorate the family’s house for them. I’m bringing wine! But we are getting an early start that day at 8AM.

I drove in this morning, of course, so at least I don’t have to wait to go home for someone else!

Tomorrow night we will finally be seeing Thor.

So, my friend, Appreciative One wrote a story on AO3, that was her fantasy as she was growing up where she was an officer on the Enterprise who ended up stranded with Spock on a remote planet, and they mated, had a baby, and lived happily ever after.

This was her fantasy until she realized there was Spirk. After writing her fantasy and having me express repeatedly how bad I felt for Jim, she decided to fix it with a story from Jim’s point of view. This story is called Life is But a Dream. I thought I was “helping” her write it but after the first two chapters which we did indeed co-write, she asked me to write the rest of the story, where I found a way for Jim and Spock to be together. After all they are T’hy’la.

So I am doing my best. Trying to get it done this week too because I already have a lot to write as it is. It’s The Original Series and is incredibly sad and angsty and has M/F elements, so you are warned if you check it out.

I’ll also be working on the third chapter of Celebrate Me Home.  I won’t deny it will feel good to work on that story with a very happy and in love Kirk and Spock after the angst of the other one.

Anything else? I don’t know.

I did put up the first chapter of my Regency Pinto tale last week. That one will be fun to work on as I go along.

Since it’s Thanksgiving Week I have specific movies I will be indulging in before the big day. Home for the Holidays which is about a very dysfunctional family at Thanksgiving. I can’t even tell you how much I love Charles Durning and Robert Downey Jr in this movie. Two of my favorite performances ever. Charles Durning was a character actor, chubby with white hair as far as back as I can remember. I’ve loved him in many things but there’s just such a poignant charm about him in this movie. And Robert Downey Jr as the gay brother. I just love love love him.

The other is Planes, Trains and Automobiles. A silly, silly movie with John Candy and Steve Martin, and yet there’s also such a sweet poignancy about it as Candy tries to get Martin home for Thanksgiving.

Oh and there’s A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, too.

That’s about it for me. For my US friends (and I think that’s most of you) Happy Thanksgiving.


Ramblings of the Week, November 7, 2017


I finally got Didn’t We Almost Have it All updated this week. I have this visual in my head, though it hasn’t made it into the fiction, of Jim saying to Bones. “We almost had it all, didn’t we, Bones?” Of course there was a Whitney song that the title came from, but I still see that scene in my head between Jim and Bones.

I would place that scene in the hospital after Jim wakes up after the shuttle accident and Bones, recovering himself, comes to see him. By this time, Jim knows that Spock and Uhura’s wedding is going to be soon. Chekov is dead. As are the pilot and the security guard obviously.

I think in my mind that Jim is particularly haunted by the guard’s death. Because he thinks here is a person who had hopes and dreams and people that cared about him, who he mattered to, and yet Jim didn’t even consider him when choosing who to save. I think that’s powerful stuff.

Anyway, during this conversation that apparently took place off the pages of my story, during a time when their conversation has lagged, for the first time in years, Bones and Jim aren’t even sure what to say to each other, and Jim finally says, “We almost had it all, didn’t we, Bones?”

Next up for updating is supposed to be Turning Page, my story of Spock and Jim’s shore leave. I got the idea from a song, of course, called Turning Page. I’m not actually working on it though because I am working on my continuing story for the blog that will end up on AO3. My sorta old married Spirk, but not so old. I think on AO3 it might continue into December and be part of my 2017 holiday stories, the other of which is the one I already previewed on here. That’s it for this year. Two.

I have started my second chapter of Will You Have Sex With Me so you can expect that at some point in the not too distant future.

Tonight we are off to see Only the Brave which is the true story of firefighters who die. So I can expect to be depressed.

I have no real plans for this coming weekend either, at least that I know of, at this point. Our weather is firmly in Fall territory now so I am quite pleased with that.

On the reading front I am currently riveted by IT by Stephen King. I loved the movie that was out earlier and am looking forward to the sequel. I’d love to see Chris in it but not sure if that will happen. I am not the only one either as I saw some article who mentioned what that writer’s ideal cast would be for the adults (they were children in the first) in the sequel and Chris was among them.

On the future vacation front, I have now paid off our cruise and also purchased our plane tickets for it at the end of January. Guess it is really going to happen. I still have to pay my property taxes and my car registration and afford Christmas too. Ugh! LOL


Some More Ramblings This Week

So recent movies.

I saw The Dark Tower. I didn’t mind it. I thought it was pretty decent, actually. Maybe because I hadn’t read the books, who knows. But I and those that went with me thought it was getting a bad rap. We all liked it fine.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard. Hilarious. Lots of violence and bad language so if that’s not your thing, skip it. But Samuel and Ryan were funny as hell in it. The one weakness to me was Salma. I’ve liked her in other things but to me her character didn’t work. But otherwise quite good.

Last night we saw Wind River. It was written by the same writer who did Hell or High Water. I’ve come to the conclusion he really thinks the lives of poor people suck bad. And that’s probably true. But it’s hard to have hope in his movies of ever improving that sucky life. It was very well done but very depressing. The murder/assault scene was disturbing, though not really overly graphic. Graphic enough though. It’s a move that I think will stay with me for a while.

It comes next. I am sure none of you will be running out to see that! Ha. I don’t really find clowns that creepy. When I was a kid there was a period of time my mother collected clown related stuff. Statues of Emmett Kelley and paintings and such. She even had some ornaments. I don’t like them myself but I don’t find them really frightening. That being said the previews for It are terrifying! I can’t wait to see it, lol.

We are actually in the 70s today! Can I get a hallelujah?! HA HA

So far this week besides my guest sex chapter, I have updated What Happened to Spock and When I Fall in Love. Unlike last week I will have a flash up on Friday.

Today I had my Health Screening at work. It’s something they do every year to give you credits toward the costs of your benefits. You have to certify you don’t smoke (my company takes my word for it, M’s makes you do a swab!), get a flu shot (something I have done for years due to asthma), have your BMI done, Blood Pressure checked, and your glucose and cholesterol.

My BP was still too high even with the medicine I take at 130/84. But everything else was great. So yay! I can live for a while longer!



Ramblings of the Week, June 26, 2017

Another busy week for me.

Tonight is the Queen + Adam Lambert Concert at the Hollywood Bowl

Tomorrow we are going to see Cars 3.

Then Friday is a birthday party dinner for a relative. Then of course after that comes the 4th of July thing. The 4th decided to be on a Tuesday this year and my company decided only to give us that day off even though M has Monday the 3rd off and so does a couple of our friends. And they all work in the same industry as I do. Nuts!

One of the cities around us does their fireworks on the 3rd. I have no idea why, they just always have. This is where M’s cousin lives so that Monday night, we will be headed over to her place to BBQ and watch the works from her driveway on a hill.

Then more family and fireworks on the actual 4th! Too much! HA HA

I am supposed to be updating What Happened to Spock next and I hope to get to it soon but I’d actually also like to update You’re in My Veins. I plan to, hopefully, conclude Forever I Am With You by the end of July.

And nothing is better on a Monday than a pretty picture of Chris



Movie Reviews 04.2017 Edition

Here are the recent movies I’ve seen and my review of them:

Spoilers ahead


Kong: Skull Island

Man proves how evil they are once again, really. This time in the form of Samuel L. Jackson as a somewhat bloodthirsty colonel. I can see where he’s coming from and I don’t think he’s all bad. It’s sort of ambiguous here. Kong does immediately attack them upon reaching the island and kills several of the men he’s responsible for. Kong has his own reasons, of course, and isn’t the monster Jackson thinks he is. I liked this movie and found most of the characters in it likable. And Tom Hiddleston, who obviously did some bulking up for this role, with his exposed and beautiful biceps was quite the pleasure to ogle I must say.


Beauty and the Beast

Casting in this movie was perfection as far as I was concerned. I was a fan of Jerry Orbach and his roles over the years but I still think Ewan was pretty good as Lumiere. And I adore Ian Mckellan in whatever he does. But Emma Watson was a fantastic Belle and Luke Evans and Josh Gads as Gaston and LeFou were genius. Add the guy who played the beast/prince who is the cartoon prince come to life and…well it was great. There were a couple extra songs that I didn’t really think added much but for the most part, it deserves the success it’s been having in the box office and I think if you enjoyed the Disney animated movie, you will quite enjoy this.


The Siege

This is an old movie from the late 1990s with Denzel Washington, Annette Benning and Bruce Willis. We saw it as a Netflix movie. I have to say I thought it was really well done and seemed very appropriate to our current times as it deals with terrorist attacks and bigotry toward those of the Muslim faith. Denzel is great in anything he does and the other two are no slouches either. Plus they were about 20 years younger than they are now and were pretty easy on the eyes. There’s a part where Muslims are rounded up and forced to stay in Yankee stadium in NY as part of martial law that I think isn’t all that far off from reality at this point. A striking movie, considering it all happened before 09/11.



I’d heard good things about this one and finally got a chance to see a DVD copy. Basically Amy Adams is a language expert tapped to talk to aliens who have arrived in Montana. Along the way she sees visions of her daughter who died of a disease. She works closely with a scientist played by Jeremy Renner. I was frankly pretty bored. I think the other two who watched it with me were a little more interested in it than I was, but I found it kind of slow, to be honest, and not the amazing movie all the commercials led you to believe. I think it was nominated for some awards too, though I don’t think it won. The so-called shocking ending wasn’t a shock at all. Everyone who watched it with me said they had figured out that’s what the deal was before the ending came. So, um, yeah.

I remember years ago watching The Sixth Sense, and THAT was how to do a shocking ending.

This? Not so much.

So those are my current movie reviews.

Midweek Ramblings 03/15 Edition

Okay so I went to see Logan last night. It was okay. Better than the previous Wolverine movies but still not that thrilling to me. I guess for me the original X-Men movies were the best and the recent offerings are just meh. Was nice to see Patrick Stewart of course as I am a big fan of him, especially in Star Trek. My biggest issue with Logan was I thought it went on too long and had to many ‘action’ scenes.

Yesterday these arrived. And they are ‘beyond’ cool. LOL.


Here are some pictures from my recent adventures. The pictures with the house and gazebo are from a winery called Graveyard. They had a chocolate port there called Deliverance. Yummy. The picture with the rock in the distance in the water is Morro Rock. I will be seeing it much closer April 01.


Mid-Week Ramblings

As I indicated in my latest update on AOS, Young and Beautiful, I am taking a bit of a break from posting.

I’ll be around Wednesday and Thursday, but will be working on something else for those days, and then I will be off on my wine tasting weekend in Paso Robles Friday-Sunday. Probably won’t have written anything to post until Tuesday of next week.

I think next up on the spreadsheet is Forever I am With You, so likely that is what I will update some time next week.

And speaking of upcoming vacations, as I think I have said, we are going to Yellowstone Park in June. Well next January looks like we are off on another Caribbean Cruise. The last one was fun and this time a group of us are going and we are getting rooms with Balconies and special spa access and privileges. I think most of the destinations are places we’ve been to but there is one we haven’t which is Amber Cove in the Dominican Republic.

In the meantime, myself and the great grand M are going to Morro Bay for the weekend of April 01. I cannot wait. We have a balcony room with a view of the ocean and bay. This is a favorite getaway of ours.

Last night we went to see Get Out and it turned out to be a pretty decent movie. I thought it was going to be horror but it was more a thriller where you ended up thinking, what is with these weirdos? I think next Tuesday (Tuesdays are cheap here so that’s why we go) we will probably see Logan. We usually wait until the following week to see popular movies until the crowds get a little thinner. Except Star Trek. I must see that right away always.

Speaking of, it seems like they are going ahead with Star Trek 4. I have mixed feelings about this. Of course I want to see Pinto in it and everyone else and the idea of having Jim’s daddy in the form of Chris Hemsworth is an intriguing one. But I don’t want to see more of the Spock/Uhura crap and I know I will and I just don’t want to go there yet again. Everyone but JJ Abrams agrees it’s a stupid, ridiculous plot point. It even made watchmojos list on youbtube of pointless romances in movies.

So yeah, I love Star Trek and I want to see them make more, especially since so many were convinced that Beyond was too much of a failure to make another, and I like to say, fuck you to all those critics and idiots who think you have to make 900 Million or you aren’t a success, but part of me wishes they would just let it go because I know Spock with Uhura will once more be shoved down our throats.

Well, that’s probably more than I wanted to say, but there you have it.

Ramblings of the Week, February 27, 2017

I sometimes get to the point where I think…why bother? Each day or sometimes every other day, I work to create something to post on a fanfiction site for like-minded people to enjoy and I get a few kudos and/or comments and all seems well. Or wellish. And then I lose a subscriber. And then I lose another subscriber. And a bookmark. And yet another subscriber.

And I am left wondering what have I done wrong now?

The good news for me this last week is that Chris shaved. Yay! tumblr_olvmiijcp31spvhnko1_500

Alas Zach did not.

Chris could use a haircut though.

I was really hoping Viggo Mortenson would win the Academy Award for best actor but it was not meant to be. I didn’t watch the awards but I was rooting for him.

What is this? Week bazillion of my cough? Sure feels like it. It’s not as bad (in spite of M would say) but damn how long does it have to go on? I’m wheezy all the time too. Maddening.

In two weeks I am off for the weekend to go wine tasting in Paso Robles.


That is where we are staying. I forget how many wineries are in the area. Like 22 plus or something. Anyway it will be fun, I think. March 10-12.

My cats are more popular than I am. I get more likes when I post pictures of the furballs. Go figure.

I pretty much didn’t do anything this weekend. I went to the grocery store for about 30 minutes on Saturday, but otherwise I never left my house.

I was so sad to hear about Bill Paxton passing on. I loved him in so many things. My favorite roles for him were in Aliens, Apollo 13 and Tombstone. All movies I own.

What a great actor he was and as I understand it, a great human being. I’m sad.


Random Observations from My Currently Tortured Mind


Above is where I wish I was today. In Germany. I’ve been there. At that castle. It’s gorgeous. Wish I was there this very second.

I’m tired. My emotional/mental state is seriously dragging right now.

I posted Who’s the Daddy and the response has been pretty good but now I have people telling me I don’t punish Spock enough and others arguing basically that Jim deserves to be treated badly because he slept with three people in 48 hours. It’s exhausted me and drained me and made me regret even posting it or anything right now, to be honest. Clearly I am not in the mood.

My family member is out of the hospital and recovering reasonably well. I will be seeing her this evening.

Is it just me or when you see the pictures from that interview Chris did with W Magazine the only reaction I could give was “Gee, I wish you’d wash your damn hair”. Sorry, greasy hair does nothing for me, even on Chris Pine.

So the other day we are watching the Karl Urban/Rock movie, Doom, for like the 10th time and there’s this strip of something lying on the tile floor on the way to our downstairs bathroom. Milo is going to the bathroom with the door open like always and goes, “What’s that on the floor?” I think it’s just like a strip of material or ribbon or something because the cats play with that stuff all the time. So I reached down to pick it up…and it’s a worm! Ugh. I screamed. Yes, I did. Which impressed the cats because they went running like Godzilla was coming through the front door or something. But it was slimy and wriggling like worms do. So I dropped it, picked up a tissue and killed it. Afterward, I was told I should have saved it and tossed it back outside. Keep in mind Milo has a bug jar he uses to traps spiders and the like to save their lives by returning them to the wild. I said next time he can pick up the worm.

What has this got to do with Doom? Not much. Other than that movie has some pretty gruesome things going on in it, like the tongue by itself just lashing around the lab. Yeah, Karl doesn’t always pick stellar movies to star in, let’s just say. But during a creepy movie to see a creepy worm, well, just gross.

My stomach has been bugging me for about three days now and I can honestly say I am sick of it.

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