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July 2021

Christmas in July, Post 5

Uhura frowned in the direction of the sliding door that led out to the balcony of the San Francisco apartment Jim shared with Spock. Still. At least there was that.

“I’m sorry, Captain. We didn’t mean to make things worse with our little silly celebration. We just thought—”

“No, you didn’t,” Jim quickly assured them.

They were all there. Uhura, Scotty, Sulu, Chekov, and Bones. His crew. His family many more ways than his real family had been.

Around them they’d pinned Christmas garland and ornaments and signs declaring rather merrily that it was Christmas in July. Spock’s mother was Jewish, of course, though non-practicing.  He grew up knowing very little about any Terran holiday, though when he’d had his memory, he’d known much of the crew participated in the merriment. Jim had tried to most of the time himself because those sorts of things were good for moral. He understood the sentiment and why the crew needed these distractions.

Jim appreciated it now, their thought process anyway, and why they’d arrived with decorations and food to cheer up Jim and Spock.

Only just a moment ago, Spock had excused himself to the balcony and he had not come back inside.

“Your thoughtfulness is really so kind,” Jim told them. “But, my friends, it might be best if you leave Spock to me tonight.”

“If you think that’s best,” Uhura said. “Do you want us to take everything away with us?”

Jim shook his head. “No. Leave it here, if you will.”

He walked with them to the door. He did feel bad, but at the moment, Spock was still his priority.

Bones lingered at the door when the others had departed.

“I thought he was better after the whales and all that,” Bones said.

“And he is. That doesn’t mean he’s completely himself or has remembered everything. Sometimes our humanness overwhelms him, Bones. Probably more so than even before.”

“Hmm. Okay. You, um, ever going to discuss his…thing with Saavik?”

Bones was referring to Saavik helping Spock on the Genesis planet, including through a period of Pon Farr. Jim knew what all that meant. He didn’t want to analyze it too closely though.

“I don’t know. It’s not like it was something he could have helped or chose to do, Bones. I’ll contact you tomorrow. Thanks for everything.”

After he closed the door on Bones, he turned back toward the apartment and the merriment they’d left. With a shake of head, he did cut the carols playing, then he opened the door and stepped onto the balcony.

Being July, it was warm and still fairly light outside.

“I am sorry, Jim. I did not wish to ruin their party.”

Spock’s back was to him as he leaned over the railing to survey the view.

“Don’t be sorry. And the party was for you as much as for them. They understood.”

“Then they are gone?”

“Yes. Just us now. They left the goodies though if you’re hungry.”

Spock did not reply to that.

Jim moved to stand beside him. He wasn’t overly fond of heights, but he wasn’t prettified either.

“Sometimes,” Jim began, “I can’t remember why I ever fell in love with you.”

Spock turned to face him, expression inscrutable.

Jim smiled faintly.

“But that’s a good thing, Spock.”

“Is it?”

“It’s because I can’t really remember a time when I wasn’t in love with you,” Jim explained.

“I realize,” Spock said softly. “But I…”

“Can. I know. You became yourself but with a lot of those memories gone. I know. And they haven’t all rushed back. Maybe they’ll never come back, Spock. That’s okay.”

“Is it?” Spock asked again.

“I’d rather have you alive not remembering a thing about me or our life than not have you alive at all. Whatever it took to bring you back, for me, it was worth it.”

“The loss of your son—”

“That had nothing to do with your being here again. That was the Klingons. They alone are responsible for what happened to David. Them and because of Khan’s actions. Perhaps some of my own. But not yours or bringing you back, Spock.”

Spock hesitated. “I do remember some things.”

“I know. And that’s good. But I never want to push you. And our friends didn’t intend that either. They had only good intentions bringing that stuff.”

“Yes. It was just…it seemed like it was merriment I should have recalled, and I did not.”

“To be fair, I’m not sure we ever did Christmas in July on the ship, Spock. Want to come back inside? There are cookies. I’ve been assured they are vegan. At least some of them.”

Spock took the hand Jim held out for him. “I do…care a great deal for you, Jim.”

Jim smiled. “I know you do, Spock. That’s good enough for me.”

He led Spock back inside the apartment and watched as his husband’s gaze strayed over the decorations and then to the table where the sweet treats had been placed.

“I apologize for making them leave.”

“You didn’t, I did. And it’s fine.”

“I have done my research on Christmas, but what is its purpose in July?”

“Just a bit of happy tomfoolery.”

“I see.” Spock nodded. He approached the plate of cookies. “This one has pointed ears. Is it supposed to be a Vulcan?”

Jim looked and chuckled. “Nope. That’s an elf, Spock.”

Spock picked it up, arched his brow, and then bit the head off. “It is unexpectedly delicious.”

Jim rubbed Spock’s arm. “I’m glad. Let’s go sit together on the couch and eat cookies. Drink eggnog. Well, you can have tea and I’ll have the nog.”

“Very well.”

Spock prevented Jim from moving away, but only long enough to touch their fingers together. Jim smiled and gave Spock a Human kiss too.

It would be all right. Jim knew.  

Christmas in July, Post 4

J wanted a sequel to 2019’s Twelve Days of Christmas. A bit silly but here it is.

Jim held his head in his hands and groaned. Underneath his ass he had a cushion. He shifted on it. It didn’t help much.


Jim eyed his so-called best friend through slits in his fingers. “Listen, Partridge, I’m in no mood for your smirkiness.”

Bones chuckled. “I can see that. And that partridge thing better not become a new nickname. I was coerced into wearing that outfit.”

“Mm.” Jim released hold of his head long enough to stick a straw in his coffee.

“You look worse for wear. Can’t even swallow normal?”

“I did plenty of swallowing last night.”

“I definitely didn’t need to hear that.”

Jim couldn’t even bring up a smile. “Spock and I did a lot of celebrating our newly engaged status.”

Bones looked down at Jim’s cushion, shook his head. “Do I need to have you off duty for the day?”

“Could you? Not sure I’m going to make it otherwise.”

“Okay, but then your betrothed has to be the captain.”

“He’s fine. Doesn’t drink and is weirdly healthy and strong this morning.” Jim grimaced. “Vaguely annoying, really.”

“Informed the brass yet you’re getting hitched?”

“Spock filed the report for us last night in between—”

“Yeah, I get it,” his friend said quickly.

“He took me quite seriously about that pipers piping crack.” Jim groaned. “If you’re really going to have me off, I’m going to sleep for about a hundred hours.”

“You want a shot for your, uh, derriere pain?”

“Nah, it’ll go away on its own. Feels better already. All I can say is it’s a good thing the holidays are once a year.”

“You could have had a little less to drink. How about a shot for your head?”

“Don’t you have like a tablet?”

Bones shrugged. “Sure, but it will take longer to work.”

“Better that than you jabbing me in the neck.”

“I suppose you’ve had enough of being jabbed for a while,” Bones said with a smirk.

Jim rolled his eyes. “Here comes Spock. Behave.”

“I’m an angel,” Bones insisted.

“Good Morning, Captain. Doctor.”

Spock sat next to Jim, his gaze straying to the cushion underneath Jim’s ass. He glanced up at Jim.

“Er, Bones said I could be off duty for the next shift. You okay with that?”

“Of course, Captain. I can see quite clearly you need to recuperate.”

“When’s the big day anyway?” Bones asked.

“Don’t know.”

“The sooner the better,” Spock said at the same time.

Jim mustered a small smile. “Yeah? Good. As soon as I feel normal again.”

“You’ve never been normal, Jim.”

“Shut up, Bones.” Jim struggled up from his chair in the mess and just barely refrained from rubbing a sore cheek.

“Do you require assistance to your quarters?” Spock asked.

“I’ll help him. Have to get him a hangover tablet anyway.” Bones stood up and took Jim’s arm. “Congratulations you two. I really mean it.”

Jim let himself be led from the mess room with a jaunty wave at Spock. Or at least an attempt at one. He really did feel like crap. But Spock said yes and soon they’d be married.

And since Spock’s last name was unproduceable, that meant Spock would just have to suffer with Captain and Commander Kirk.

“What are you giggling at?” Bones demanded as he pushed him into the turbolift.

“Just happy.” Jim winced. “Uh. But I’m not entirely sure I’m finished throwing up.”

Bones gave a long suffering sigh and then to Jim’s amazed horror, he stuck a hypospray into Jim’s neck.


“It’s good to always be prepared where you’re concerned. Merry Day After Christmas.”

Jim rubbed his neck. “Uh, yeah. Thanks.”  

Christmas in July, Post 3

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Jamie had requested a flash for the guys from Roommates. This is theirs.

As Spock approached the door of the apartment he shared with Jim Kirk, he was quite certain he heard Jingle Bells. The song rather than actual bells. And since Spock knew it was July, he was quite puzzled. The Terran holiday of Christmas was not for months. And even if one considered that Jingle Bells was a secular song that only mentioned snow and sleighs, it still seemed an odd choice given the summer heat.

With a shake of his head, Spock opened the door and stepped inside. The air conditioning was on frigid blast, he quickly noted, glancing at the ceiling to ensure icicles were not indeed forming. He saw no immediate sign of his boyfriend.

“Computer, raise temperature twenty degrees.”


Instantly the air of the apartment felt much more appropriate, though still cool enough to satisfy Jim.

“Jim? Jim, are you here?”

Jingle Bells had ended but was now replaced with It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.  

Spock sniffed. If he was not mistaken, Jim was baking sugar cookies. And he had decorated the apartment with garland, elves, and Santa Clauses. He was completely perplexed.


Jim came out of the bedroom then, wearing an apron with a reindeer applique.

“Oh.” Jim’s face brightened. “I didn’t think you were coming home for a few more hours.”

“I finished early. Jim, are you…?”

Jim whirled around, arms outstretched. “Yep. You caught me.”

“Caught you?”

“I’m having an affair.”


Jim laughed. “With Christmas.”

Spock frowned. “I do not understand.”

“Right, which is why I didn’t tell you about it. I figured I’d have it mostly cleaned up before you got home.” Jim sighed and threw his arms around Spock. “It’s Christmas in July.”

“That is a thing?” Spock accepted Jim’s sweet kiss. He loved kissing Jim.

“Yep. Well sorta. Some camp came up with it many many years ago. Anyway, see, when I was a kid, my Gran and I used to spend a day in July celebrating it. Only the two of us. My brother thought I was nuts and Frank…we won’t talk about him. Mom usually wasn’t there. So it was Gran and me. We’d make cookies and decorate and listen to songs, just for that day.” Jim smiled wistfully. “I miss her.”

Spock closed his arms around Jim, holding him close. “There was no need to hide this part of yourself, Jim. You may celebrate Christmas in July every day in July if that is what it takes to make you happy.”

Jim smiled and kissed him again. “That’s why you’re absolutely perfect.”

“I do not know that I am perfect.”

His boyfriend laughed. “For me, anyway. Want to help me decorate cookies?”

“If you wish.”

“I do. And by the way, if I don’t say it enough, I love you.”

Spock initiated the kiss this time. “And I love you as well. Let’s decorate cookies.”

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Christmas in July, Post 2

Several years ago now, I wrote a Pinto short Christmas fic where Chris was sick and Zach was making cookies. I have long since deleted and lost that fic. I decided to recreate it somewhat though in a lot of ways this is tremendously different. This is for J who wanted modern Pinto.

At the time Zach invited Chris to his cabin in Aspen, Colorado for the week before Christmas, it had seemed like a good idea.

Honestly, Zach had no reason to be in either New York or LA for the holidays. He wanted to go somewhere cold and snowy and away from everything he knew at home.

Chris had explained his parents had decided to take a cruise for the holidays. His sister had a new man in her life she wanted to be with. And Chris’s girlfriend would be working in another country over the weeks prior to Christmas.

So when Zach learned Chris had nothing particular to do, he’d invited him.

But Chris had arrived with a seriously bad head cold. Stuffy red nose. Earache. Cough. The whole thing. Not exactly what Zach had in mind, though he wasn’t sure what he’d had in mind anyway.

Still, he decided to make the best of it.

“What made you decide to get a cabin in Aspen anyway?” Chris asked.

“I wanted a white Christmas.”

“It snows in New York. You’ve been there a few months now.”

“No guarantee it will. Not in the city. And I wanted some place that wasn’t New York or California.” Or Ohio where his mother had passed or Pennsylvania and all its complications. He shrugged. “Mom’s gone. Joe’s busy. I’m currently, uh, obligation free, so I booked Aspen.”

Calling this place a cabin was a bit too cute if you asked Zach. The place was a damn mansion.  He thought the rental agent he booked with said it had like twenty bedrooms or something. Whatever.

He’d been allowed to set up his own tree and decorations, so he’d bought a bunch of stuff to do just that when he arrived in Colorado. Zach did not ski, so that hadn’t been his purpose. He really just wanted a peaceful place to celebrate life he guessed and having Chris there with him had been…nice.

Their relationship had changed a lot since Chris got his current girlfriend and Zach didn’t care for those changes, but it was what it was. He’d been glad Chris had accepted even still.

But the cold…

“You should lie on the couch there and rest, Pine. I’m going to do a little festive baking.”

Chris arched his all too sexy bushy brows. Zach loved those brows. “Festive baking? You?”

“I’ve been watching the Food Network. Lie down. I’ll get you a blanket.” He smirked. “I know you like to be cozy.”

Chris bit his lip and looked at the big plush couch. “I-I do like to be cozy.”

“Then do as you’re told.”

And just like that Zach got aroused by his own words. Dumb, Zach, he thought. He turned away.

“I’ll just go get that blanket.”

When he returned with one of those big, fluffy velvety soft blankets, Chris had laid himself out on the couch, a cushion under his head as a pillow. Zach eyed his bare feet as he placed the blanket over him.

“I know you have a think about socks, but don’t you think under these circumstances you should wear them?”

“Well.” Chris moistened his lips. He looked very cuddly. “I did bring some socks with me if you wanna bring me my bag.”

He rolled his eyes. “Now, I’m your servant.”

But he didn’t really mind. He fetched the small suitcase and brought it to Chris. Chris sat up to sort through it and then, with a sort of flushed look to his skin, thrust his socks at Zach. Zach now supposed he was supposed to actually put them on Chris’s feet for him.

He frowned looking at the socks. “Santa Claus?”

“It’s the holidays, right? You said we were celebrating, so I picked those up.”

He laughed then. “You are too cute, Pine. Fine then, give me those giant feet of yours.”

“I have dainty feet.”

“Dainty feet.” He shook his head. He bent over Chris’ feet and pulled the socks onto them. The beard on Santa’s face was a sort of fuzzy white fur.

“Thanks,” Chris mumbled.

“I’ll go make you some tea and then I’ll get to baking. I just hope I don’t have to tear the kitchen asunder to find what I need.”

Chris’s eyes widened. “Asunder. That’s a great word.”

“Glad you like it. Now rest so that you don’t ruin the whole week here.”

Zach went into the kitchen and made Chris a cup of the tea he had purchased at store. It was called Gingerbread, so he figured that was appropriate. He made himself a cup too.  He wasn’t that into tea, but he wasn’t against it either.

   Chris smiled when he brought the cups into the living room. “I feel better already.”

“Me too.” Zach took a chair next to the couch to admire his sick guest. He sipped the tea. He had added milk and sugar like they were British. It tasted good, though. “You want to listen to some tunes while I bake?”

“That sounds good.”

So after a bit, Zach handed Chris the remote for the stereo and returned to the kitchen. After a while he realized what Chris was listening to.  Bryan Adams’ Run to You.

She’s got a heart of gold, she’d never let me down
But you’re the one that always turns me on
You keep me comin’ ’round
I know her love is true
But it’s so damn easy makin’ love to you

Zach was shaking. His mouth dry. Why had Chris picked that song of all songs to listen to? The lyrics…

He put the baking sheet down on the counter and went back to the living room.

“I was, you know, thinking of Christmas tunes,” Zach told him.

“Oh.” Chris nodded. “Right.” He pressed a button on the stereo and Perry Como started crooning, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”.

Zach walked back over to the chair next to the couch. “You okay, Christopher?”

“I have a cold, Zachary.”

“I mean, other than that.”

“Other than.” Chris nodded. “I’ve been thinking a lot about this week in Aspen.”

“Me too. What have you been thinking?”

“It’s been…” Chris cleared his throat. “It’s been kind of a while since…”

“It has, yes.”

Chris licked his lips. “So. Yeah. That’s what I’ve been thinking.”

“You have a cold, Pine.”

“Just a cold. I don’t feel that bad.”

He snorted then. Got back up. Went over to Chris and kissed his forehead. “You have a fever. Go to sleep. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.”

He headed back into the kitchen to make cookies. Now it was Garland singing, Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.

Maybe. Perhaps maybe. There was a better chance of that then he’d thought. Zach would see.

He hummed along and got to baking.

Happy Independence Day 2021

A little mini flash for your enjoyment…

 “So, what do you think?”

Spock turns his gaze away from the display exploding over the water in the distance.

“It is a dazzling display,” Spock agrees. “Though a waste of resources.”

Jim smiles, moving closer. He puts his hand under Spock’s forearm. Spock continues to stare into his eyes. In Spock’s dark eyes, Jim swears he sees the reflection of the fireworks over the city.

“You’re missing the show,” he murmurs.”

“What I am looking at is far more beautiful than the fireworks.”

“Oh, now you’re trying to get me into bed with you.”

Spock nods which just makes Jim’s smile widen.

He turns to gaze at the explosion of blue, red, yellow, pink. It’s beautiful over the ocean. And weirdly he feels closer to Spock in that moment than he had ever felt before. He is aware Spock continues to watch him. It’s exhilarating to have the Vulcan’s riveted attention.

Jim looks at Spock again, lowering his lashes flirtatiously.

“I’m at your mercy,” he says, softly.

Spock puts a hand, just his fingers, really, on Jim’s jaw, tilting his face upward for Spock’s kiss. Jim has heard Vulcans kiss with their hands, but Spock kisses this way and each time it’s like the renewal of life.   

“Come, a bed awaits us.”

Jim spares a last glance at the fireworks display and allows himself to be led inside. It will be their first time and the anticipation nearly has him undone.

Spock glances around the room. “What is Christmas in July?”

Jim laughs,, tugs him toward the bedroom. “I’ll tell you later.”

Christmas in July, Post 1

As requested. this involves the characters from my Trading Places fic.

If you will recall, it inspired three pieces of fan art too

Fan Art 1

Fan Art 2

Fan Art 3

Hope you enjoy this holiday look at Tiberius, Zachary, Jim and Spock

“I’m bored.”

Zachary did not look up from the task he was attending to that afternoon.

“You are always bored, Tiberius” he replied.

Tiberius lounged naked on their bed. He rested on his back and stared at the ceiling while he threw a small rubber ball into the air to then catch it repeatedly.

Less than an hour ago, Zachary spent a great deal of time making sure Tiberius was not bored. But that time had come again, and Zachary actually had work to do assigned to him by the King of Woldron, Tiberius’ father.

“Well…amuse me.”

Zachary snorted. “I think not. Go find something to do. Preferably with clothes on.”

“You’re no fun.” His prince’s tone was petulant.

“That is not the tune you were singing a short time ago,” he said wryly.

Tiberius sat up. “How long do think the talents of your magic cock last?”

Zachary shook his head. He chose not to answer that one.

Tiberius got out of bed then, but to Zachary’s annoyance, he came to stand behind Zachary, and then, lean on his shoulders to see what he was doing.

“Do you mind?”

“Only a little.” Tiberius smirked, kissed Zachary’s neck, and then dramatically took himself off to get dressed.

“Oh, and my darling prince, do try to stay out of trouble.”

A door slammed and Zachary sighed.


Jim Kirk looked at his terminal with a frown. “Lieutenant, did you say the transmission is from Woldron?”

“Yes, Captain. It does not appear to be a distress signal,” Uhura replied. “Should I tell them you aren’t available?”

“Yes,” Spock said coolly from beside him.

Jim gave him a look. “No, Uhura. Patch it through.”

“I do not like the royal family of Woldron.” Spock sniffed.

“Didn’t you almost sleep with Tiberius?”

“I did no such thing.”


Prince Tiberius himself appeared on Jim’s screen. He was dressed all in frilly satin and his bejeweled crown was askew on his head. He held a golden goblet. Really, he looked quite ridiculous.

“To what do we owe this…uh…honor, Tibby?”    

The prince rolled his eyes. “No one calls me that.”

Jim grinned. “I know.”

Tiberius replied, “I’m bored.”


“My husband suggested I find something to do, so…”

“Well, his husband suggests you look elsewhere for entertainment. The captain is busy commanding a starship.”

Tiberius chuckled and then waved. “Hi there, Spock. Long time no see.”

Spock stared stonily at him.

“My my. He’s gotten stuffier over the years, hasn’t he?”

“Well…” Jim looked at Spock. “Why don’t you go, uh, sit over there, Spock?”

“I am fine where I am, Captain.”

Tiberius took a drink and then said, “What’s that tree with lights behind you?”

“A Christmas tree,” Jim replied. “It’s the Christmas season.”

“Christmas? Woldron doesn’t do Christmas.” Tiberius leaned forward eagerly. “Is it fun?”

“Well, sure. You sing carols and have presents and drink peppermint mochas and…”

“Hmm. I would like to try it. Perhaps we should switch again?”

“Over my dead body,” Spock snapped. “Fortunately, the Enterprise is not near enough to your location for such nonsense to take place.”

Tiberius pouted. Jim decided then and there he would never pout again. The prince looked like a spoiled child. Well, he was. Spoiled anyway.

“You used to be a little fun,” the prince said with a sigh. “Still think I’d make a great Starship captain.”

“You make a fine prince, Your Highness,” Spock said, a little more kindly. “Your planet and your husband are indeed lucky to have you.”

“You think so?”

“I do. And we are even more lucky Woldron is so far away. Goodbye, Your Highness.”

Jim laughed as Spock disconnected the transmission. “Where were we?”

“I believe you were about to kiss me under the plant fungus.”

“Mistletoe, Spock. Sheesh.” But he pulled Spock down into his lap, held the mistletoe over their heads and laid one on.


Zachary had been called away by King George, but when he returned to the chambers he shared with Tiberius, he could smell…cookies? He thought they were cookies. Some sort of spiced cookies. And then he heard music.

“Hark the Herald, Angels Sing…”

And Tiberius was singling along at the top of his lungs.

Zachary pushed open the doors.

He was greeted by Tiberius, dressed from head to toe in green and red ribbons, one even discreetly covering his cock. His face sparkled as though it was covered in glitter. In the corner of their bedroom was a giant Earth pine tree decorated with ornaments and garlands. He’d seen pictures of this sort of thing. There was a…

“Tiberius…is that a reindeer?”

Tiberius looked at the animal feeding in another corner of the room. “Yes. Otherwise known as a Caribou, I guess. It’s Christmas!!!”

“That is a live creature. How did you…?”

“Magic, of course. Merry Christmas!”

“We do not celebrate Christmas.”

“We do now.” Tiberius threw his arms around Zachary. “Come on. Unwrap me, I’m your present.”

Zachary smiled and kissed him. “You are indeed my most precious gift.”  

Christmas in July Begins Tomorrow

But in this meantime…

This is for Jamie’s birthday. Sorry it’s not very long but at least you get something. This is a sorta Friends/Spirk fusion, ha ha

“Wait,” Sulu exclaimed. “Who’s the father? Er, you know, other parent.”

Jim Kirk had just announced to his Academy friends at the coffee house they met at regularly that he was pregnant. He didn’t seem terribly happy about it. Or unhappy for that matter.

All around the table the friends stared at Jim, waiting.

Uhura, McCoy, Sulu, and Rand.

Jim shook his head. “I haven’t told him yet. I’m going to wait to tell you after.”

“Oh, come on, Jim,” Rand protested. “That’s not fair!”

“It’s perfectly fair. I promise. As soon as he knows, I’ll let you all know.”

Uhura humphed. “At least tell us how far along you are.”

“Just about a month,” Jim admitted. “And I haven’t really seen him much since that night.”

“One-night stand then?” Uhura wrinkled her nose. “That’s going to be awkward.”

“Not exactly. He sorta left San Francisco right after that to, uh, deal with some family issues. He’s just getting back.”

McCoy eyed the charcoal gray sweater Jim clutched in his hands. “What’s that?”

Jim looked down at it. “Oh. Um. That’s…he left his sweater that night. I figured I’d give it to him at the same time I tell him.”

McCoy fingered the sweater. “Nice material. Not cheap. And there’s something kinda familiar about that sweater.”

“It’s a popular sweater,” Jim said in a rush. “Lots of guys have it.”

Sulu stroked his chin. “You know, I think I saw Gary Mitchell with a sweater that looked like that.”

Rand groaned. “Oh, Jim. Please tell me it’s not Mitchell.”

Jim opened his mouth to reply when the idiot himself appeared.

“Someone say my name?” Mitchell grinned at them. He was not among their group. But Jim had briefly went out with him. It was over some time ago though.

Sulu pointed at the sweater Jim held. “Jim has your sweater, Gary.”

Mitchell looked over. “That’s not my sweater.” He opened the leather jacket he wore to show that he wore a charcoal gray sweater. “Duh. This is my sweater.”

“Thank God,” Uhura muttered. “Get lost, Gary. No one’s talking to you.”

“Whatever, man.”

But he did leave.

“I could have told you it wasn’t Gary,” Jim said.

“Hmm,” Bones said. “I have seen that sweater though. Where…”

The door of the coffeehouse opened, and they all craned their necks to see who had come in when they noticed Jim’s eyes widen.

Bones swore. “Well, damn. Now I know who.”

Jim rose from the couch. “Hush.”

They watched him walk over to the guy who had come in.

“Hi Spock. Got a minute?”

If you’ve ever seen Friends, I sorta of borrowed this bit from when Rachel was pregnant with Ross’ child. Happy Birthday, Jamie!

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