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“What’s your favorite color?”

Spock barely glanced at his captain as he leaned over the science station to study the screen there. “What?” he asked distractedly.

“Your favorite color.”

Spock straightened and turned his full cool gaze on Kirk. “Did you actually just interrupt my study of this sector to ask me what my favorite color is?”

Undeterred, Kirk nodded. “What are you seeing?” He slipped past Spock, pretty much wedged himself between Spock’s body and the station to look at the screen.   “So, what is it? Some space anomaly?”

“Actually…there is currently nothing out of the ordinary,” Spock was forced to admit.

The captain straightened and gave Spock a very chilly smile. “So I actually didn’t interrupt anything.”


“Favorite color?” Kirk persisted.

“What does it matter? I have no particular preference or any color, Captain. The question is nonsensical.”

“So’s your big nose.”

Spock sighed.

But the captain had moved away and to his seat. Spock glanced Nyota’s way but she had a disapproving look on her face and somehow Spock decided it was directed at him rather than their captain.

“I want a landing party for Denton 4,” Kirk said a while later.

Spock stepped forward to volunteer to lead the party.

“Nope. I’m taking lead.”


“To explore new worlds,” Jim said with a charming smile. “That’s what I signed up for.”

“Very well, but as science officer—”

“Nah, I’m taking Chekov.” Kirk turned to look at Nyota. “You up for it, Lieutenant?”

“Yes, sir,” she answered immediately.

“I’ll round out the party with Scotty and Bones.”


“Yes, Mister Spock?”


When Spock stood beside the biobed staring at the unconscious body of his captain, McCoy came up to him and patted his arm.

“He’s going to be okay, Spock. You can go back to your post.”

He nodded but didn’t move. He didn’t move for a long time.

Until Kirk opened his eyes to stare at him.


Spock blew out a long breath. “Blue.”

The captain frowned. “Huh?”

“My favorite color, Jim. Blue like your eyes.”