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Spock spotted the dark pink heart-shaped box on the dining room table as soon as he shrugged off his coat and hung it up on the peg by the door.

Since he knew the box was not from him, Spock approached it, expecting it to be addressed to him, most likely. Though Jim knew Spock seldom indulged in chocolate, his mate could be incorrigible at times. So he leaned down to read the attached tag.

“Be Mine, Vanik.”

He sighed inwardly. Now the pest was giving Valentine’s Day gifts to Spock’s boyfriend. Yes, he was a child and was no real threat. Still Spock might have to have a word with him. He had long suspected his nephew had a crush on Jim and it was hard to blame him. Jim was uncommonly delightful.

But boundaries must be set.

“Oh, hey. You’re home.”

Jim appeared from the bedroom and gave Spock a welcoming smile and a kiss. “Got any ideas what you want for dinner?”

“Perhaps we can go out. It is two days until Valentine’s Day and I would rather not deal with the crowds on that day.”

“Are you actually going to take me to a nice dinner?”

“You do not want that?”

“No, I’d love that, I’m just surprised.” Jim’s gaze went to the heart. “You looked?”

Spock sniffed. “It was hard not to when I find that my mate has a box of candy that is not from me.”

Jim laughed. “You can’t possibly be jealous.”


“No. And besides that heart box isn’t for me.”

Spock frowned. “Who is it for?”

“Vanik has a crush at school and he wants to give her that. But he didn’t like his handwriting and asked me to do it for him. He’s picking it up in the morning.”

“Oh.” Spock’s ire deflated.

“Were you really jealous of your own nephew?” Jim looked far too amused at Spock’s expense but then Spock experienced that often enough.


Jim threw his arms around Spock’s neck. “I love you.”

“And I love you. Be mine.”

“I’m always yours.”