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A bit of silliness today.

“What is that?”

Jim looked over his shoulder at Spock, who had just come into Jim’s quarters from their shared bathroom.

“It’s a ghost.”

“A ghost?”

Jim grinned as he finished hanging the “ghost” from his ceiling. It was a round ball covered in a white sheet with glowing red eyes, and with a remote control it would wiggle and fly a bit with spooky music playing. He stepped off the step stool.

“I had this when I was a kid. When we had that break on Earth recently and I saw my mom I asked her if I could have it.”


“She was going to throw it away if you can believe it.”

Spock eyed it. “I can believe it.”

Jim laughed. “It’s spooky season so I wanted to hang it up.”

“So it will normally not be hanging from the ceiling?”

“No, I guess not.” Jim grabbed the remote and pressed it, grinning madly while Spock watched it with undisguised derision.  When it was still once more, Jim grabbed Spock and kissed him. “How about that chess game?”

Much later, in the middle of the night, Jim turned it on again, cackling when Spock sat straight up in bed.

When Spock rose, his hair standing on end, his hands on his hips, he glared at Jim.

“That’s it. We are sleeping in my quarters.”