Another installment of I Knew You Before

The apartment was quiet when Spock arrived but Jim had messaged him that he intended to take a nap, so after putting his book bag down, Spock headed for the bedroom and to Jim.

Prior to seeing Jim in the teashop on Vulcan, Spock had not believed in fated mates. It was a concept that was quite literally…alien to him.

Then he spotted the most beautifully gorgeous Human he had ever seen and had been so drawn to him that he had boldly approached that Human and asked to sleep with him.

Well, perhaps not exactly asked. Though had Jim reacted badly, Spock would have accepted the rejection.

Fortunately, Jim had been delighted. And confessed to Spock he felt the same pull that Spock had.

Spock sat upon the bed, gently stroking Jim’s hair away from his forehead. A moment later, Jim’s lashes lifted to reveal cerulean blue.

“Hey.” Jim smiled and ran his tongue over his lips. “You’re home.”

“I am. Just a few minutes ago. You are rested?”

“Yeah. Didn’t realize how tired I was until I got in bed. It’s all a bit of an adjustment for me.”

“Are you hungry?”

“Mm. Yeah. I didn’t bother getting lunch.”

“Then I will fix something.”

He made to move but Jim grabbed his arm and then his hand to keep him there. “Later. Right now, I would love a proper hello.”

“How can I resist?”

It ended up being an hour later before they finally got themselves up after vigorous lovemaking (I might actually write that scene for the time it is posted on AO3), and then, while Jim took a shower, Spock, after cleaning himself up, headed to the kitchen to make them dinner.

He had not anticipated this particular reunion with Jim, though he had intended to have one eventually, but he could not deny he was well pleased with the turn of events.

They belonged together, his T’hy’la and him, and that it happened sooner than even he planned was so much the better.

His PADD beeped so he went to fetch it from his book bag. There was a message from his father seeking an audience regarding…

Your Bond With T’Pring