Having a bit of fun with this, totally modern setting

“I think the guy next door’s a monk or something.” Jim lowered his phone for just a second as he eyed the door to the apartment next to his. He carried a pizza box. He was talking to his mom.

“Why do you say that?”

“I don’t know. I’ve seen him walking in wearing this gown thing. Well, you know, not a gown, but like a robe a Tibetan monk word wear or something.”

“They’re Buddhist.”

“Yeah, so maybe, I don’t know. But he wears a hood. Do they wear hoods?”

His mother laughed. “How should I know? How long has he lived there?”

Jim used his key to unlock his own apartment. He stepped inside and closed the door with a kick, ignoring the jaw jarring slam.

“I dunno. A week or so. I never see him without that hood.” Jim put the pizza box on the counter and the fridge for a beer. He twisted the top and took a swig from the bottle. “Long day. How’s Dad?”

“Fussing about still being in the hospital, but better.”

“He had triple bypass.”

“I know but you know your father.”

“Can’t wait to see him next week.” Jim yawned. “I should probably go and eat my pizza.”

“Okay, sweetie, talk soon.”

Jim set his cell down and glanced toward the apartment wall he shared with the “monk”. With a shrug, he picked up his beer and pizza box and grabbed his keys.

It took a few knocks on his neighbor’s door before it opened.

“Hi, I have a pizza and I was wondering if you’d like to have some. I’m your next door neighbor by the way. I teach at the University.”

The guy, hood and all, eyed Jim. “Does it have meat?”

“Just cheese.” Jim paused. “You a veggie”

“Vegetarian, yes. But I will eat some cheese.”

Jim was surprised when he stood aside to let Jim inside.



Jim set the pizza down on the table. “I could get you a beer if you want.”

“No. I have Sake.” Spock replied. “It is Japanese.”

Jim smiled. “Yeah, I know.” He peered at Spock as he took another drink of his beer. “Are you a monk then?”

“No.” Spock lowered his hood. “A Vulcan.”