And so Love month begins with an obvious AU

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“That shy librarian is here.”

Spock looked up from his notes so fast and rather violently he nearly knocked over his tea. As it was a few drops landed on his notes. He fought back aiming a glare at his mother for stirring in him a reaction best left dormant.

But his mother smiled, unfazed by his hard stare. “He’s absolutely adorable, Spock. You should ask him out.”

“He is Human.”

‘You are half yourself,” she reminded him with an elegant raised eyebrow. “And really, poor boy, hardly anyone talks to him.”

That much was true. Why the beautiful blond haired blue eyed Human was working as a librarian in the Federation Literature Building on Vulcan, Spock couldn’t guess. The man was shy and wore glasses that just made him more, as his mother said, “adorable”.

Once or twice, Spock had seen the librarian walking home from the library to a stark, plain apartment building Spock knew had furnished apartments for outsiders to rent while on Vulcan.

He and his mother were currently having tea just on the other side of that building.  

The truth was, his mother was also quite correct that Spock wanted to ask him out.

“Go on,” she urged. “He’s just over there at that table by himself. Ask him out and then have him join us.”

Spock almost said no, but what was that old Earth saying about cutting off his nose to spite his face?”

“It’s almost Valentine’s Day, you know.”

Spock blinked at her. “So?”

“The perfect time to find new love.”

He sighed and pushed back. “It is a date, Mother. Let us not get ahead of ourselves.”

But she grinned, her dark eyes, which he’d inherited, twinkling.

The shy librarian’s eyes widened behind the thick glasses as Spock sat at the chair across from him.

“My name is Spock.”


“May I have your name?”

“Jim Kirk.”

“Hello, Jim. I would like for you to join my mother and me for tea over there if you are willing,” then Spock paused, “Also, are you free for dinner?”



“With you and your mother?”

“No. With me.”

Jim’s mouth hung open for a moment, and then his tongue came out to trace his lips.

“Yeah.” He cleared his throat. “I am.”

Spock nodded. “Join us?”

Jim looked. “I’ve seen you two before. Your mother is Human?”

“Indeed. Apparently, fondness for Humans is a family trait in my family.” Spock rose and gestured for Jim to do so too. “Shall I carry your teapot for you?”

He was rewarded with a bright smile.

As he carried the teapot over to the table where his mother waited, Jim brought his cup.

“Hi,” Jim said to Spock’s mother. “I’m Jim.”

“I’m Amanda. It’s a pleasure, Jim.”