This last January Flash is a bit of a segway to get back to AOS. A bit of a cheat. And yes I know that technically Monday is still January, but I am going to treat it like February for theme purposes.

February’s theme? Love, of course.

Jim approached the old Vulcan who had claimed to be Spock rather cautiously. He wasn’t afraid per se, but he’d found most Vulcans didn’t like him. All right, most Vulcans named Spock and Sarek, anyway.

This one was different though.

Old Spock was sitting by himself in the shuttle bay on a little bench in the corner. Jim couldn’t imagine why he was by himself, but he was.

“Hey there. Can I sit?”

Spock seemed surprised he would ask. “Of course, Jim. What are you doing here?”

“Rumor has it you’re leaving Earth.”

“Yes. I’m going to help establish a colony for New Vulcan.”

At the reminder of all that had been lost, for this Vulcan and his younger version especially, Jim winced, his heart hurting.

“I’m sorry Vulcan couldn’t be saved.”

“Nero was quite determined. You should be celebrating.”


Spock gave a slight shrug. “I watched the ceremony where you were made Captain of the Enterprise.”

Jim grinned. “A little nuts, wouldn’t you say? I never even finished the Academy.”

“It is your destiny, Jim. Whenever it was to happen.”

Jim didn’t know about destinies. “Do you have to leave so soon?”

“It is for the best to begin the process as soon as possible.”

“You’re unable to return to your time?”

“It would seem so.”

“Listen.” Jim stopped and licked his lips. “Can I-can I ask you something?”

“You can ask, whether I will reply, we shall see.”

Jim couldn’t help but smile at that. “Your relationship with your Jim Kirk. What was it?”

Spock arched a brow. “Why do you ask?”

“When we melded…or I should say, when you melded with me, I got all the stuff about Nero and Romulus, but I got some things, maybe, you didn’t intend and so I’m curious.”

Spock looked straight ahead but he nodded. “We were T’hy’la.”

“T’hy’la. That’s Vulcan, right?”

“Yes. It means friend, brother.”

“What I saw didn’t seem very brotherly.”

Spock’s lips curved. “Lover. It has many meanings.”

“Apparently.” He let out a long breath. “How long…”

“Were we bondmates?”


“Mm. Not long enough.”

“I’m even more sorry now then. You’ve had some shit luck, Spock.”

“And I have had a great life. I regret little. Regrets are illogical of course, though I cannot help but regret my part in Nero’s destruction of Vulcan.”

“That wasn’t you, Spock, that was—”

He put his hand on Jim’s leg. “My relationship with your counterpart brought me great joy.”


“Does that surprise you?”

Jim thought about it and his limited knowledge of this Spock, then he shook his head. “No.”

“One day you and Spock—”

Jim laughed. Probably rude but still. “Nah, no way.”

“Why do you say that?”

“He hates me. I told you that. He wasn’t at the assembly when I was promoted. He’s with Uhura, who has a stick so far up her ass…” Jim shook his head. “Besides, rumor has it that he’s resigning from Starfleet.”

“For what purpose?”

Jim shrugged. “Same purpose as you, I imagine.”

“Don’t give up hope as far as Spock is concerned, Jim. It is your destiny to form a lasting friendship.”

“Maybe, maybe not. But definitely not that T’hy’la thing.”

“You will have to wait and see. I can be quite stubborn and it took me a long time to admit how much Jim meant to me.”

Jim wanted to say fat chance as far as the younger Spock, but he just smiled as Spock stood.

“I must prepare now for departure, Jim.”

Spock started to raise his hand in the ta’al, but Jim wasn’t having any of that.

“Nope. Bear hug time.”

He pulled the old Vulcan into a tight embrace.

“Live long and prosper, Jim.”

“Yep.” Jim pulled away and grinned. “Peace be with you.”

Spock, to his surprise, chuckled. There was a warmth there Jim hadn’t experienced before, maybe with anyone. It made him wish Spock’s predictions would come true. Jim turned after Spock walked away and left the shuttle bay. Spock was right. He had some celebrating to do.