Advent Day 15

“Jim, say you’ll come.”

Jim pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes. He was seated at Spock’s favorite vegetarian restaurant waiting for Spock to come back from the bathroom.


“Please. Just for a few days. Peter—”

He frowned. “Who? Who’s Peter?”

She sighed. “Sam’s little boy. He’s three and a half. I know I told you about him. It’s just going to be me and Peter. So it would be so nice if you can come. And Spock, of course.”

“Where’s Sam then?”

“He and his wife have to be off planet, so they asked me to watch the baby.”

“Of course they did.”


He spotted Spock headed back to their table.    

“We can get a tree, like I said. And all your favorites. We can get Spock’s too. It would be so nice for you to meet Peter. He’s such a sweetheart.”

“Fine, okay.”

“You’ll come?”

“Yes, Mom. When?”

“Can you be here the 22nd?”

Jim glanced at Spock as his boyfriend slid into the booth to sit across from him. “Yeah, okay. I’ll be there.”

Spock looked his question after he disconnected. “Your mother?”

“Yes. Invited us for the holiday. On December 22. I guess Sam saddled her with his kid for the season.” Jim blew out a breath. “You don’t have to come but…”

“I will accompany you.”


Peter was cute. Even Jim had to admit it.

He looked like a miniature Kirk. Which is exactly what he was.

His mother had arrived at the shuttle bay in Riverside to pick up Jim and Spock and she’d, of course, brought Peter.

He had a mop of blond curls and big blue eyes with chubby cheeks dotted pink from the cold.

Until that moment, Jim had never thought about having kids, but he couldn’t deny if he had one like Peter, it might be okay. Of course being with Spock, that was highly unlikely.

Jim crouched down next to the boy to talk to him at his level. “Hi, Peter. I’m Jim.”

“Daddy’s brother.”

“Yes. And that’s Spock, he’s with me.”

“Hello, Peter,” Spock greeted him.

Jim straightened up and made to move away, therefore he was surprised when Peter reached for and took Jim’s hand. He smiled down at the boy.

“We’re all going to get a tree on the way home if that’s okay.”


On the way to the tree farm, Jim asked the kid, “So what do you want Santa Claus to bring you for Christmas?”

“A drum!”

Jim laughed. “A drum? Yeah?”

“Uh-huh. Wanna bang it.”

“I sure hope your daddy’s around when you do,” Jim said. “I bet Santa gets it for you.”

Peter smiled happily.

Jim ended up going around with Peter at the tree lot, holding onto Peter’s hand the whole way.

Winona watched them and moved closer to Spock so she could speak to the Vulcan.

“Thank you for bringing him here.”

Spock shook his head. “I had nothing to do with it. He would have come without me.”

“I’m not sure.” She smiled. “But I appreciate you’re coming too. I think it makes it easier for him. He and I have our problems.”

“He has not mentioned it.”

“Really?” she asked, doubtfully. “We’re not…close. I want to be but Jim…anyway, thank you.”

Spock inclined his head as Jim approached with Peter.

“All right, Peter has chosen the tree he thinks is perfect for us.”

Winona laughed. “All right let’s get this done.”


“Your mother is concerned about your relationship.”

Jim glanced at Spock as they shopped in a store for Christmas gifts.

“She brought it up?”

“She did.”

Jim sighed. “I’m sorry she involved you.”

“It was no issue for me. I was not aware that you and your mother do not get along.”

“We do actually. I think…she just wants us to be closer than we are.” He shook his head. “There’s too much in our history, I think, for us ever to be the shining example of Mother-Son she wants us to be. Years where she wasn’t there.”

“And your stepfather was.”

“Yeah,” Jim said softly. “I love my mom, but there’s still a lot of pain there. I guess she’s gotten past a lot of Sam’s walls, but I’m not Sam. And Sam left and wasn’t there for a lot of Frank’s shit.”

“Understandable. Was this why you were reluctant to come here for the holidays?”

“Sure. Part of it. Anyway, I’m having a good time and it’s nice to spend time with Peter.”

“Indeed.” Spock stopped before a display of drums. “And here we are.”


“A drum! Santa gave me drum!” Peter exclaimed excitedly Christmas morning.

Winona beamed happily and rested her hand on Jim’s leg. He sat beside her on the floor, each of them clutching a cup of coffee. Spock sat in a chair right behind Jim’s back.

Peter sat directly in front of the Christmas tree.

“Thank you,” she whispered to her youngest son.

He smiled. “You’re welcome, Mom.”

Peter started right in banging on his drum.

Jim chuckled.

“Now, honey, Santa brought you other presents. Why don’t you open those?” Winona asked indulgently.

“Wanna play my drum!”

“Sam’s gonna kill me,” she mumbled.

“Pay back’s a bitch.”


He laughed again. “Now how about I put those cinnamon rolls in the oven?”

“Okay, but one more present for you.” Nervously she handed him a small, wrapped box. She had no idea how he was going to react to it.

Jim raised both eyebrows at her but finally he tore off the green and red plaid paper. He opened the box and stared down at the contents.

“That was your dad’s Starfleet insignia.” She bit her lip. “Not the one he wore that-that day, obviously. But before.”

His gaze flew to hers. As usual, she could not read him.

“Thank you.” His hand closed around the symbol, his thumb rubbing the command part. He nodded. “Thanks.”

She smiled. “Merry Christmas, Jim.”

“Merry Christmas.”