You can perhaps view this as the beginning for one of the other prior flashes from earlier this month…

Spock woke staring at the ceiling. He had been lying in his back, which was not his usual position for sleeping. He immediately realized why. He was holding onto a Human male who was using Spock’s chest as his pillow.

It had been unlike Spock to go to a drinking establishment at all let alone to “pick up” an individual. A stranger. A stranger no more, obviously.

   It was definitely unlike him but then this Human was unlike anyone Spock had ever known.

As Spock stared down at the male resting against him, the man’s eyes, brilliant blue, slowly opened and stared up at Spock.

“Hi.” His voice was rough and tired sounding. But he smiled.

“Hello, Jim.”

“Good morning, Spock.”

“Would you like breakfast?”

Jim’s smile widened. “Got any coffee? I’d kill for some.”

“No need to commit murder, I can get you coffee.”

Jim laughed. “Good.” He yawned. “But let’s not move quite yet. Unless you have somewhere to be?”

“I do not. It being Saturday, I have no Academy business.”

“Me either. Good. Then,” and here Jim took Spock’s hand, “stay here a while longer then?”

Spock tightened his hold on Jim by way of answer and Jim sighed, contentedly and closed his eyes. Spock did the same.