Happy Labor Day – USA

“Is this chair taken?”

The hot Vulcan glanced at Jim, his expression blank, yet at the same time hostile. Not exactly a great start.

“That question makes no sense as you can clearly see the chair is there.”


“I am not.”

Jim tried again. “Is this seat occupied?”

“That question is likewise illogical considering you can see that it is empty.”

Jim counted to ten, then sighed. “Okay, seriously, you’re hot but you aren’t worth all this, so I’ll find someplace else to sit. Thanks.”

He went to turn away when the Vulcan’s voice stopped him.

“If your purpose was to inquire if you may occupy the chair yourself, the answer is yes.”

Jim hesitated only a moment before sitting across from him.   “Jim Kirk.”

“I am aware. Your reputation precedes you. Spock.”

Jim smiled. “My reputation huh? Don’t believe everything you hear.”

Spock simply stared at him.

“Look. I don’t see the point of a lot of small talk, so I’ll get right to it. I’m interested in sleeping with you.”

“I have a class in ten minutes,” Spock replied.

Jim laughed. “Are you always so literal? Yeah, I bet you are. Never mind. I don’t mean this minute or in ten minutes, but soon.” He thought about it, so he said, “And when I say sleep I mean…”

“Yes,” Spock murmured. “I understand the colloquialism.” He paused. His expression never really changed from the sort of hostile blankness Jim initially received, and yet. “I am amenable.”

You are?”

Spock arched a brow. “Is that not the answer you are seeking?”

“Uh. Yeah. It is. I’m just…surprised.”

“I am certain you are used to paramours accepting your desire to sleep with them.”

Jim wasn’t sure about them, but he nodded, and licked his lips. “When?”

“I am done with classes for the day at 1800 hours. Be at my apartment at 1900 hours.” Spock rose then, quickly provided his address, and then left without another word.

Jim laughed again, shook his head, and guessed maybe this was his lucky day.