And so Academy month begins


Starfleet Academy has set up some sort of recruitment center in an auditorium on campus. Spock was required to be there, though, honestly he was not very interested. But being the head of the science department and even having programmed some of the Academy’s aptitude tests, he was given no choice.

Very few stopped by his area for science study. He noticed many went to engineering or security or, of course, command. He got an occasion medical doctor. Earlier that day one such man from Georgia had stopped by to scowl at Spock. Spock scowled back.

So Spock was surprised when a young, blond human stopped in front of the material for science. He stood before the computer and swiped left and right. From where Spock stood at the side, he could see the young man was extraordinarily good looking by any standards of any humanoids. He his long lashes that fell over very blue eyes.

Spock moved away from his hidden spot and approached.

“May I help you?”

The human flashed Spock a brilliant smile, showing little rabbit teeth that Spock somehow found quite appealing.

“Hi, Jim Kirk.”

The name brought forth a memory.

“Are you related to George Kirk of the USS Kelvin.”

The smile didn’t slip. “That’s right. He was my dad. I never knew him then.”

“Then you are the child that was born during the attack?”

“Well. Not a child anymore, obviously. But yes. You’re Professor Spock, right?”

“Yes. Surely you aren’t interested in studying science.”

Jim shrugged. “You’d be surprised. I was thinking of minoring in it. Astrophysics. I’ll be concentrating on command, of course, but I want as much education as I can get. I think that will help with command.” He grinned. “Maybe I’ll take the engineering courses too.”

“That would put a lot of burden on your shoulders to complete such an expanded course of learning.”

“Yeah, sure, but I’m up for the challenge.”

Spock inclined his head. “Very well then.”

“Speaking of challenges, when you’re done here later this afternoon how’d you like to grab some vegetarian food with me. I know a great place on fifth.”

Spock knew the place on fifth and it was indeed a superior place in which to dine. Plus, he could hardly turn down an invitation from such an attractive human. At this point, Jim was not his student or even in the science department, therefore, he wasn’t violating any rules either stated or implied.

“Well?” Jim asked. “Should I come by here when this is over?”

“I would like that, yes.”

“Fantastic. See you then.”

And as Jim Kirk moved on toward engineering, Spock realized that his own mood was much improved. He picked up his communicator and texted his friend.

Sorry, Nyota. I will not be able to join you for dinner. Something came up.