“Last call.”

Spock looked around for his husband, but didn’t immediately see him.

He was then approached by the bartender, Max.  “I guess you’re looking for Jim.”


He used his thumb to gesture to the back booth. “Over there. He’s pretty out of it.”

Spock nodded. “My thanks.”

He made his way to the dark booth in the back and found Jim slumped over the table. Next to him was several empty glasses.


He had to say it several times before Jim slowly raised his head to look at Spock. His eyes were bloodshot and dazed.


“Me, your husband.”

“Hello husband.”

“I thought you would have returned home before now.”

“Was mad.”

“I realize. Are you capable of standing?”

“Uh. Think so.”

Spock helped him out of the booth, and held him up with an arm around him. He reeked of far too much booze.

“You need a shower and to be put to bed.”

“You can’t bed me until you polygize.”

“I am not trying to bed you,” Spock said. “Come.”

He was able to get Jim out of the bar, and to the farmhouse without much trouble. Then up the stairs and into the shower.

After he washed his husband and made him brush his teeth, somewhat successfully, he  steered him to their bed.

Lying on his back, Jim stared up at him, eyes a little dewy. “Still mad at me?”

“I am not.”

“Good. Not mad at you either.”

“That is pleasing to hear. I am sorry you found it necessary to overindulge.”

“Stupid, I know. I feel gross.”

“Go to sleep, ashaya. You will feel better in the morning.”

“I love you.”

“I love you also.”

“Spock, what will we do with…”

Spock shook his head, put his hand on Jim’s face, and whispered, “We will figure it out as we always have. Sleep now, Jim. You have nothing to fear.”

When Jim closed his eyes, he turned away and left their bedroom. He went downstairs and once more picked up the PADD with the message that had started it all.

I am pregnant with your child