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 “Tonight, I’m going to meet the person of my dreams,” Jim announced.

Leonard eyed him.

They were both dressed in costumes. It was Starfleet Academy’s Summer Masquerade. Leonard had chosen to wear an old man’s costume, with wrinkles and a wig of long white hair. Jim had applied his makeup.  

Jim had decided to dress as a Space Pirate. He even had a patch over one eye, which made him constantly squint with the other to see better.



Jim shrugged. “Could be anyone. Male or female. I won’t know until I see them.”

Leonard snapped his fingers. “Just like that. You’ll see them and know.”

“Yep.” Jim clasped him on the shoulder and said, “Let’s go.”

The auditorium was crowded with cadets and professors alike. Made Leonard feel a bit claustrophobic honestly. Jim was looking around, rather anxiously, likely looking for this dream person.

“What if you don’t see your person of your dreams? What are you gonna do? Sulk?”

“No. But I will. I can feel it.”

“You’re psycho not psychic.”

“Ha ha. You’re so funny. I’m going over there to get a drink. Be right back, old geezer.”

Leonard snorted and began to mingle with a few others. He was greeted by quite a few and complimented on his costume. After a time he realized Jim hadn’t come back and it appeared that he’d been gone a whole hour. Leonard went looking for him.

He finally spotted Jim in a corner of the auditorium. He was leaning against a wall, talking to someone. From Leonard’s observation the guy Jim was talking to was also dressed as a space pirate.

Then as Leonard watched, Jim raised his hand to the other man’s face and then, a finger caressed a long an ear. A pointed one, Leonard realized.  

He stepped over to them, figuring he’d tell Jim he’d see him later so that Jim could enjoy himself.

Jim smiled brightly, his gaze flicking to Leonard. “Hi, Bones,”


The other space pirate turned to look at Leonard and he realized instantly that the guy was a Vulcan.

Jim’s one eye sparkled. “This is Spock.”

“Doctor,” the Vulcan pirate said.

“Spock,” Leonard replied. “So, uh, Jim. Is this…what we talked about?”

“Yep.” Jim had his hands on the Vulcan’s arms and Leonard noticed the Vulcan didn’t seem to mind one bit.

“Happy for you then. I’m going to go make myself scarce. See you later?”

Jim glanced at Spock’s face, who arched a brow. Jim winked and smiled, then looked back at Leonard. “Maybe not for a…day…or two.”

Leonard sighed, nodded, and moved on.

When he glanced back, the Vulcan’s head was bent close to Jim’s and Jim laughed at whatever he must have said. And then, Spock took hold of Jim’s arm and they headed for the exit. Leonard shook his head. Whatever.

“Hello,” a soft feminine voice said from behind Leonard. He turned quickly. She was dressed as an old woman, he noticed. Leonard smiled. “Hello there. I’m Leonard.”