“Sometimes I feel invisible.”

Spock looked at his companion in surprise. They were walking side by side on their way to a student meet for Starfleet Academy cadets.

“I do not understand.”

Jim Kirk, sandy hair and bright blue eyes, gave him a sideways glance. “What do you mean?”

“You are the least invisible person I know.”

Jim frowned. “What does that even mean, Spock?”

Spock shook his head. “Everyone notices you, Jim. Everywhere we go, you are the first person anyone speaks to or looks at no matter who else is with you. I do not understand how you can believe yourself to be invisible.”

“Well. I mean, I guess they see the outside of me well enough, but they never go beyond the surface to see what’s going on with me. It’s all…shallow.”

Spock considered this. “Do you feel that is true of me?”

Jim stopped then, on the edge of the campus. Rather near the exit of the Academy though not that far from the Biology Building where the student meet was.

“Clarify.” Jim had a slight smile on his face as he used Spock’s own term against him.

“I believe that I see well below your outside appearance to what makes you who you are, but I wonder what your perception is.”

Jim’s smile widened and to Spock’s pleased surprise, Jim slid his hand toward Spock’s and touched his index and middle fingers to Spock’s,

“I know you see me, Spock.” He paused. “I see you too.”

As the warmth where their fingers still touched infused Spock’s entire being, he inclined his head.

“Are you quite certain we have to attend the student meet?”

Jim grinned. “I’m quite certain we don’t.”

“Really?” Spock asked, doubtfully. “We did say we would meet up with friends.”

“They’ll understand. Besides, I want us to see each other a little closer still.”

Knowing by that slight smirk what Jim referred to, Spock allowed himself to consider the possibilities.

“We could be late.”

Jim’s eyes danced. “We could be very late.”