“Doctor McCoy sent you a package.”

Jim smiled from his spot lounging on the couch. Spock had covered him with a fluffy autumn throw and propped him up with big squishy pillows. He’d also lit a fire in the fireplace.

“Probably a box of more medicine.”

“We will see.”

They were currently spending Jim’s medical leave in a mountain retreat in the Rockies. They would be there for an extended time as Jim had been severely injured in a blast on an away mission.

Spock opened the box and looked inside.


He pulled out a box of hot cocoa “Pumpkin Spice” was labeled on the outside.

“Oh my God! I love Bones.” Jim grinned at the look Spock gave him. “I love you way more though. What else?”

“Pumpkin tea for the hobgoblin,” Spock read from the note. He narrowed his eyes. “A light up autumnal gourd.”

Spock held it up and flipped a switch as it lit up.

Jim’s smile widened. “Ah, I love it.”

“Why does it have a face?” Spock queried.

“It’s a Jack o’ Lantern for Halloween.”

Spock shook his head. “Count Chocula Cereal.”

“Score! Bones thinks of everything.”

“Pumpkin Spice coffee and also various bags of Halloween candy.”

Jim’s smile turned soft. “All the comforts of home. That is so cool. I’ll have to send him a note to thank him.”

“Later. For now, you need to rest.”

“Rest? I’m already lying down, Spock.”

“You need to sleep.”

“I’m not a little kid who needs a nap.”

“When we allowed you to have your leave here instead of in a Starfleet approved medical facility you agreed to do everything that either I or Doctor McCoy said.”

Jim sighed. “I know. Okay.”

Spock knelt down beside him. “I almost lost you again, ashayam. Please indulge me.”

“Of course I will. I’m sorry.”

Spock leaned up and kissed him. “I am not. I am grateful. When you wake, you can have some of the cocoa.”

“Join me?”

Spock rolled his eyes. “You are not yet ready for that. I will have tea.”

He laughed. “Okay.”

“Be good and close your eyes.”

Jim smiled faintly, but closed his eyes. He was still very pale and tired easily, but yes, he was here, and Spock would care for him.