“Oh, God, I’m dying.”

Jim doubled over, clutching his stomach.

“I’ve been poisoned.”

He dropped down to one knee, one hand grasping on the porcelain bowl.

In the other room he heard Spock’s voice.

“Nyota, I believe we should contact medical help immediately.”

“Spock, he’s not actually dying.”

“Yes, I am,” Jim yelled.

“It’s hyperbole, Spock. You know what that is. Jim’s just had too much to drink.”

A long pause.

“Kirk, how much did you have to drink?” she yelled into the bathroom.

“Hardly any and it was poisoned.”

He heaved and his stomach contents went into the bowl.


“Spock, he’s fine. Go see for yourself if you don’t believe me.”

Jim heaved again as he heard hurried footsteps.

“Jim, do I need to rush you to the hospital?”

Jim held up a finger and then emptied his stomach again.


He leaned back, sitting on the floor and hugging the toilet.

“I’m okay, I guess.”

“If you require medical attention…

Jim sighed. “I probably don’t. You can go back to the other room. Or leave or whatever you want.”

There was a long pause.

“I do not want to leave. And I want to see you are returned to your dorm safely.” Another pause. “Then it was the alcohol consumption that caused this?”

Jim nodded. “Dad’s birthday. Stupid.”

“Do you think you are able to stand and be escorted home?”

He thought about it for a second and then nodded. “Yeah, with help.”

Spock reached down and lifted him to his feet effortlessly. Jim swayed a little and steadied himself by having a death grip on Spock’s arm.  

For a moment he met Spock’s gaze, but then he quickly looked away, afraid of the judgment he might see there.

They left the bar bathroom and it was Spock who made their goodbyes. Jim did notice he spoke low to Uhura, who had rolled her eyes, but then pushed Spock in Jim’s direction.

“I’m sorry to interrupt your evening.” Jim said, miserably.

“You did not.”

Jim knew he had, of course, but he fell silent and allowed Spock to almost carry him to his dorm. He was just grateful Bones had gone out with a lady friend for the night so he wouldn’t have to hear the doc tell him what a fool he was in front of Spock.

Spock opened the door for him and helped him inside.

“Do you need…”

Spock never got to finish because Jim made a break for the bathroom, dropping once more to his knees and heaving his guts.

He stayed in there for a while, even after he was done, hoping Spock would just leave and save him the embarrassment.

To Jim’s surprise when he came out, Spock was sitting at Jim’s small table, having a cup of tea.


“You still look quite pale. Can you manage tea? I made you a cup.”


Spock gestured for Jim to sit at the other little chair. He did and wrapped his hands around the hot cup.

“And here I was trying to impress you,” Jim muttered. “Some dummy huh?”

Spock stared at him. “You were trying to impress me?”

“Uh-huh.” Jim laughed mirthlessly.

“Jim, I do not go to bars.”

“Well, okay, but…” Jim scrunched his face up, confused. “So why did you…”

Spock gave the barest hint of a smile. “Because I wished to spend time with you, Jim.”

“Oh.” Jim blinked, then smiled. “Oh.”