From The Matchmaker

“Where is Jim?”

Spock looked up from the book he was reading to gaze into the consternated eyes of his young nephew.

“Vanik. You let yourself in again.”


“Now that Jim lives with me it is not appropriate for you to show up in our apartment unannounced.” He really didn’t think it was appropriate before either, but he would not bring that up again. “Jim values his privacy.”

Vanik nodded. “Understood. In the future I will knock loudly on the door so that neither of you are surprised by my arrival. But…where is Jim? I thought for a moment that you had already managed to chase him away.”


The boy shrugged, a smile tugging at his lips. “A small jest at your expense.”

“Clearly.” Spock put his book down. “Why are you looking for Jim?”

“More specifically I am looking for you to learn what you have planned for your anniversary.”

“My what?”

“Anniversary. Approximately six months ago, you and Jim met, which set you on the course to become the brilliant example of couplehood that you are now.” Vanik straightened. “I could take full credit for that, but I believe that would be unfair to Jim. He had something to do with it as well.”

“And I have not?”

“Not much. You are…obtuse. In any case, what have you got planned?”

Spock paused. Glanced around the apartment. “Nothing.”

“Nothing? No Christmas in July celebration?”

“I do not participate in the merriment that surrounds Christmas, why would I have Christmas in July?”

“Because Jim does.”

“Well. But we were not yet engaged in our ‘brilliant couplehood’, as you put it, last Christmas.”

“All the more reason,” Vanik said, with a dramatic pause, “that you should do something to mark the occasion now.”

Spock shook his head and rose from the couch, followed by Vanik, into the kitchen. “I really do not believe that is necessary. Jim has not mentioned a particular interest in such frivolities.”

“As to that, since you are, obtuse, I am not certain that is the case.”

“Stop saying I am obtuse.” He sounded mulish to his own words.

Vanik waved this away. “It is not something you can help. It is what it is. Kaiidth.”

“You have been paying far too much attention to your father lately.” He reached into the fridge for the pitcher of iced tea. He took out two glasses from the cabinet. Shook his head at Vanik when he put out his hand for one. “This is for Jim who should be home any moment. You are not staying.”

As if Spock had conjured him, and he would if he had the power, the door of the apartment opened and Jim, dressed in his red cadet’s uniform stepped inside.

“Oh. Hey. Hi Vanik. Didn’t know you were coming.”

“No one did,” Spock said, pointedly. “And he was leaving.”

Vanik gave him a petulant pout before turning to Jim. “I was under the impression the Academy was out for a few weeks due to the summer holidays.”

Jim smiled. “I enrolled in the summer program to get ahead of everyone in the command track.”

“Oh. That is logical. Happy Anniversary.”

Spock cleared his throat loudly but his nephew ignored him.

Jim looked at Vanik quizzically. “Anniversary?”

“Six months since you and my uncle met. Does no one understand the significance but me?”

Jim laughed. “Um. Sure, kid. It’s definitely significant. And Spock and I love that you remembered. You’re so cute.”

Spock was amused when Vanik blushed.

“I am sure your mother would appreciate you returning home as quickly as possible,” Spock told Vanik.

Vanik sighed and nodded. “Very well. Do try to do something celebratory in my absence.”

Jim’s smile widened. “I’m sure we’ll think of something.”

Spock walked his nephew over to the door and watched him leave. “Let us know you made it home safely,” he reminded Vanik.

After closing the door, Spock turned to Jim. “Welcome home.”

“Thanks, Spock.” Jim gave him a lingering kiss. He grinned. “And about that celebration…”