“Want me to come with you?”

Jim glanced at Bones. He was tempted to say yes. He really was. Or even say, no you go in my place. But that wouldn’t really work, would it?

“No.” He sighed. “I have to do this. And on my own.”

Uhura made a snorting noise causing him to look her way. Sure enough she was smirking at him.

“It’s not that bad, Captain.”


“Seriously. I did it. I’m in one piece.”

Jim grimaced as he saw Spock gesturing to him. “Damn it, it’s time.”

Uhura laughed out right. He gave her a look. She punched his arm.

“Good luck, farm boy.”

“Oh shut up.”

He didn’t move so Bones pushed him toward Spock. He turned around and glared at both of them.

Stumbled over to Spock, who was now giving him his classic bitchy Spock look. That did not bode well.

“Hi.” His voice squeaked. He cleared his throat, deepened his voice and said, “Hello.”

Spock was unimpressed. “Are you ready?”


Spock blinked at him, but turned to the door, which he knocked upon. It was opened so quickly, Jim was sure the occupant had been waiting on the other side.

“Father, may I present my mate, James Kirk.”