Hello friends

I am soooooo behind on flashes right now, so please forgive me I cannot update or write anything else until I finish June flashes. I literally only have this Friday’s done and then…yeah

So for the next little while that’s what I am doing. That’s like 10 flashes. Please forgive me while I panic.

Look at this pretty pic. That’s my Jim from Bitter Frost.

Okay calmer now.

So I will get it done. And then when it’s done, I’ll get something else done. So we are allowed to do promo now for the T’hy’la Bang. I created a post for Tumblr per their guidelines, but I thought I’d also post something here.

Here is an itty bitty excerpt for “The Closer I Get to You” (think Roberta Flack)


After Kirk and Spock from the Kelvin Universe get together, they are engaged in a mission that requires them to time travel to save the life of a Starfleet Commodore. But their traveling doesn’t quite go as planned and they end up traveling not just to another time, but another universe, where they meet their TOS counterparts. Jim assumes their counterparts are a couple, just like he and Spock are, but he is surprised to learn from TOS Kirk and Spock that they are not. Before he and Spock head back to their own universe/timeline, he sets out to change the relationship of their counterparts, or as Spock would say, violate the Prime Directive.    

Now Excerpt:

The minute his feet hit the ground, Jim dropped to a crouch, and rolled away from his attacker, narrowly missing being kicked in the head. He stood up, panting, quickly looking for his first officer.


“Here, Captain,” Spock called out, just as he took a punch to his stomach. Anyone else would likely have lost their breath from such a punch, but Spock merely grunted, picked up the perpetrator, and tossed them away.

“Uh, this doesn’t seem like the right time.” Jim ducked as a chair was thrown at his head. “Hey!”

“You are correct, Captain. This is clearly the mission on Tevis 3.”

“Tevis 3,” Jim repeated. “Ah, crap. I remember that. I got my nose broken.”

“It took Doctor McCoy considerable work to restore—”

“My good looks. Yeah, I know. Damn. Spock, look out.”

“And back!”

Jim blinked, swayed, hand going to his head as he felt the strange disorientation of the time travel. Okay and maybe that fist to the head had something to do with it too. But yeah, at least his boots were firmly planted on the transporter pad. And there was no hot blood pouring from his nose. That counted as a win. 



“Geez, Scotty, what the hell was that?”

“Er, a wee miscalculation, Captain,” Scotty said, sheepishly.

Spock, who stood next to him, bristled.

In the room besides the two of them and Scotty were Bones and Uhura and Sulu.

Bones frowned. “What time were you in?”

“That mission on Tevis 3 a year and a half ago.”

“Damn it, Jim, do you know how long it took to make you pretty again?”

“I may barf,” Sulu said.

Uhura rolled her eyes. “I may join you. Monty, that’s too far back.”

“I know it, lassie. Let me try again.”

“Bones, it wasn’t like I had a choice where we were. And my nose is fine, by the way.”   

“Wait,” Bones said. “All this shooting back and forth to another time, is this harming them?”

“I don’t think so,” Jim said.

“Well, maybe I should be the judge of that.”

Coming June 22, 2010