The turbolift suddenly lurched and stopped abruptly.

Jim frowned and looked at the controls. “What the hell?”

“Perhaps if you let me look—”

“Yeah, because you know so much more about it,” Jim snapped. His headache had just gotten way worse. He stepped aside and gestured. “Go ahead, Mr. Spock. You’re the expert on everything.”

Spock gave him a look but wisely said nothing as he moved in place to the controls.

It was just the two of them in the lift. And they’d been bickering all day prior to this.

Jim smirked as Spock stepped back. “Can’t fix it?”

“No,” Spock replied, clearly reluctant to admit defeat.

Jim went to the comm. “Kirk to Engineering.”

There was no response. In fact, it was as though the comm didn’t work at all. He hit again.

“Captain, I am certain that pounding on it to oblivion will not make it work.”

He shot Spock a look.

“This sucks.”

“We are in obvious agreement on that.”

Jim mumbled, “Well, at least you agree with me on something.”



“I believe you referenced something about agreeing with you.”

“If you heard me, then why say what? Geez.”


Jim folded  his arms across his chest. “Listen, mister, don’t take that superior, commanding, snooty-ass tone with me.”

“Snooty-ass is nonsensical.”

“Oh, yeah? Well so are your ears.”

Spock’s mouth opened and closed.

“Aha! Finally got you to shut up,” Jim said, triumphantly. Okay maybe he was being a bit childish. And definitely surly but…

“That begs the question.”

“Begs what question?”

Spock arched a brow. “How do I get you to finally shut up?”

“Are you…you know what…that’s it.”

Jim launched himself at Spock, pushing the Vulcan against the bulkhead. Spock’s eyes widened just before Jim’s mouth slammed down on his. Spock made a little bit of a squeal noise and then began to return Jim’s kiss.

The turbolift began to operate again, but Jim and Spock paid it no heed, continuing the frantic slide of mouth against mouth.

The doors slid open on their floor.

There was resounding applause.

“About damn time!” Uhura exclaimed.

Jim reluctantly tore his mouth from Spock’s and they both turned to look out at the crowd gathered on the deck. They were still clinging to each other.


Uhura smirked at them. “Congratulations.”

“Nyota, did you stop the turbolift?” Spock asked.

“No, well, technically it was Scotty.” She laughed. “We were all sick of you two.”

“I feel…manipulated.”

Jim cleared his throat. “What do you say we discuss this in my quarters, Mr. Spock?”

Spock inclined his head. “Yes, Captain. We are, once more, in agreement.”