“I think we should place bets.”

Scotty eyed Ensign Marker. “On what, laddie?”

“When the captain and the commander are gonna get together.”

The captain and commander were currently standing next to each other at the replicators. There wasn’t an inch to spare between them.

Sulu grinned. “I’m in. And I say it’s gonna be forever. They’ve been dancing around each other for a over a year. Over two.”

“You saying they aren’t into each other?” Davers asked.

“No, they are. I’m just saying they won’t admit it anytime soon.”

“You in, Mr. Scott?” Marker asked.

“I’ve got better things to do then to involve myself with such nonsense. If they are or aren’t, it’s none o’ my business.”

“Jaylah?” Sulu directed at her.

“No, it is not necessary.”

“Oh? Good for you, lassie, not involving yourself in games.”

Sulu frowned. “Wait, why is it not necessary?”

Jaylah shrugged. “They are together, Commander Spock and James T.”

“What?” Marker demanded. “How do you know?”

“I have seen them.”

Seen them?”

“Outside the door. Kissing with their hands and with their lips.”

“Damn it, that would have been easy money!”

“Hey, what’s going on?”

They all looked up startled into the smiling face of their captain. Next to them was their first officer looking blandly at them, as yet again, there was not an inch between them.

Scotty cleared his throat. “Nothing, Captain. We were all about to finish up and head back to our stations.”

The captain’s smile widened. “Probably a good idea.”

They all scrambled up out of their chairs and grabbed their trays to discard them.

Spock shared a look and a shrug with the captain as they headed out of the mess towatd the bridge.