Happy March

Well here we are in the third month of the year. Barely, but it counts.

Took a half day Friday and talked to Macy’s Fraud Dept. Still told it’s “in process”. In the meantime, received another bill where the thief bought sunglasses. For another $200. Filed yet another claim. I am now into 5 months dealing with this. Unbelievable. But…yeah.

Went to Drag Queen Bingo at the Elk’s Lodge last night. It’s for charity. A good time was had by all but we didn’t come anywhere close to winning a single game.

Was looking at some news report and check this out…

See that tiny apartment? It’s a bed, a toilet, sink and a shower. Don’t think it includes a kitchen. Anyway, this is London. So we aren’t the only one with too expensive places to live. $2000 per month for this. Yep.

Here’s crossing my fingers that this month will be better. I am going to Morro Bay for two days later this month, so I am greatly looking forward to that. As well as next week’s time change.

I think I have a good couple of flashes coming up this week.

Up next for AO3 if I get to it this week is Cadet Ashayam.

Still trying to get the Bang to shape up. I did finish the first chapter. That’s something. And if I am nowhere reasonable at the end of this month I will drop out. Hopefully that won’t happen.

I think that’s about it for now.