I’m not a fan of February. Over the years there have been many times that something not so great has happened in this month, and so, I am relieved when most years it’s a mere 28 days. It’s fine to kiss it goodbye then.

Anyway, here we are in the leap year and we get 29 days. As you know that means Every Four Years Later will appear on the archive on that day, provided, of course, I cease to procrastinate over it.

Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday are later in the month this year too. I seem to recall Easter is like April 14th. Growing up I dreaded lent. Not because of fish on Fridays (I’ve always loved fish with a passion) but because as Catholics we were supposed to give up something important to us for 40 days. I usually gave up candy or something like that. When you are a child believe me that’s torture! ha ha

Anyway, for February you get your Wednesday and Friday flashes back. Including a few TOS choices. There’s two for Valentine’s Day too. One for TOS on the 12th and the other on the 14th for AOS.

I have written and scheduled the first flash for March so we will see where we go with that.

I survived the birthday party at the winery last night (with only a slight headache which I consider a win).

Have a good week.