As of now, I have only two more things to write for February, as all flashes but the one for February 28th are written and scheduled. I have that one to do as well as the sequel to Every Four Years, my Leap Year story.

I updated The Vulcan Who Fell to Earth as everyone knows. Next week I will try to update Cadet Ashayam.

I haven’t started writing my T’hy’la Bang story yet, but hope to at some point soon. I’d like to have the February stuff done before I even begin to tackle it.

I re-posted the lyrics for my perfect Spirky Spock Love Song if anyone wants to check it out. That’s gotta be a fic title one of these days.

Today is the Lunar New Year, so we decided it would be fun to have a Chinese food fest tonight so the cousin is coming for that. M is making the food and there will be wine for me. HA.