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Happy New Year

Flash Fic, December 30, 2022

Here is your NYE fic for this year

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It was nearly midnight and Jim knew he should be sticking around for the virtual ball drop and for everyoe to scream Happy New Year while kissing everyone that they could get their lips on. But he’d finished his champagne, set down his glass, and snuck out a side door.

He’d explain to his date, Olivia, later. When last he’d seen her, she was surrounded by her throng of admirers. If she didn’t talk to him again, he wasn’t really sure that was a bad thing.

It was crisply cold outside and windy. It blew the scarf he’d wrapped around his neck around so violently it was a wonder it didn’t fly off into the air never to be seen again. He quickened his stride, wanting to be anywhere else but the streets of San Francisco as midnight struck.

There was only five minutes to spare when he made it inside the apartment building. He took the stairs two at a time not wanting to chance getting stuck if the lift broke down yet again.

It was a foolish dream. Time wasn’t even the same where Spock was. And yet, he had this burning need to contact his former first officer.

It has been months since their…whatever it was they’d had before their mutual departure.

He opened his apartment door, ordered the lights on, and rushed to his terminal. He immediately pulled up the information for contacting New Vulcan. But as the seconds ticked away and there was no answer, Jim’s heartbeat slowed, and disappointment soured the champagne that sat inside his stomach.

Jim briefly closed his eyes, willing himself not to give into the illogical emotion of regret. He hadn’t seen Spock since February. And yes they’d spent a night of scorching intimacy but parted as mere friends.

Spock had said so and Jim had done his best to convince himselr that was what he wanted too.

A knock on his door had him rising, prepared to face an angry Olivia or even a nosey Bones. He could hear the countdown to midnight outside his apartment even as he opened the door.

“Hello Jim.”

“Spock,” he whispered.

“Happy New Year.”

And the kiss he received at midnight was the best he’d ever had.  

Happy New Year 2022

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Every year we are taught to hope for a better year. Since I was a child with my parents, permitted on this rare occasion to sit up and eat little finger foods and say, Happy New Year.

Now, many years later, that hope is in my heart more than ever and so I say it once again…

Here is to a better

Plugging Right Along

As of now, I have only two more things to write for February, as all flashes but the one for February 28th are written and scheduled. I have that one to do as well as the sequel to Every Four Years, my Leap Year story.

I updated The Vulcan Who Fell to Earth as everyone knows. Next week I will try to update Cadet Ashayam.

I haven’t started writing my T’hy’la Bang story yet, but hope to at some point soon. I’d like to have the February stuff done before I even begin to tackle it.

I re-posted the lyrics for my perfect Spirky Spock Love Song if anyone wants to check it out. That’s gotta be a fic title one of these days.

Today is the Lunar New Year, so we decided it would be fun to have a Chinese food fest tonight so the cousin is coming for that. M is making the food and there will be wine for me. HA.

A Happier New Year’s Flash

“Jim!” Bones yelled at him.

Jim laughed, putting his hand up to his heart. “You trying to give me a heart attack?”

“No. I’d just have to fix you. Where the hell are you going? It’s almost midnight.”

“I’m looking for—”

“Spock. Of course you are.” Bones pointed at the double doors. “He went through those.”

“Thanks.” He moved toward the doors.

“Jim, you’re supposed to do the countdown!”

He waved at Bones, opened the doors and went outside.

At first, he didn’t see the Vulcan, and turned back to go back inside after all. It was cold. Colder than it had felt to him in a long time. Snow had begun to fall and for a moment he was startled. He hadn’t experienced snow in years. There was no snow on the ship nor in San Francisco. But they were in New York for the New Year and the wet flakes hitting his face did a frigid job of reminding him of that. 

And really, now that he thought about it, maybe this wasn’t the best time to talk to Spock about this after all. Yeah, it was a new year and all that came with that, but, well, it really hadn’t been that long since—

Something moved along the edge of the balcony, just by the green bushes to the left.


Spock emerged from that area, lightly dusted in snow, his cheeks green. “Captain?”

Then it occurred to Jim. What if Spock had been out here with someone else? What if all his plans, all his calculations…everything…was all for nothing because Spock already had someone else he was interested in?

His gaze went past Spock to the greenery, trying to see if Spock had been there with someone. “Uh. Hi.”

“Are you in need of something?”

He shook his head. He couldn’t see anyone else, but that didn’t mean they weren’t hiding. “No. I…sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt you or-or them.”


“Aren’t you out here with someone?”

For a moment, Spock looked confused, and then he shook his head. “Negative.”

“Oh.” Jim allowed himself a feeling of relief. “Why are you out here in the snow, Spock? You’ve got to be freezing.”

Spock tilted his head. “I needed some air and then found that I had locked myself out. I was trying to locate another way inside when you came out.”

Jim glanced back to the bushes and then frowned. “Tell me you weren’t planning on scaling the building.”


“Spock, you could have broken your neck. What about contacting someone?”

“I did not have my communicator.”

Jim sighed. “You could have got frostbite or something.”

Spock’s lips twitched. “It is not that cold, Jim. It was uncomfortable though.”

Jim stepped closer to him, eying the snowflakes in his hair. “You look cold and wet.”

“Yes. I had not intended to be out here long. I wished to be inside when you gave the countdown. You were looking for me?

”Yes, I—”

Just then they could hear the sound of Bones’ voice doing the countdown.


“10, 9, 8, 7, 6—”

Jim stepped closer to his first officer. “Spock.”


“5, 4, 3, 2…”

“I love you.”

“I love you.”

“1…Happy New Year!”

Jim smiled bright, his heart light and free as Spock’s lips descended on his. Perhaps that night was a good time to confess after all.

New Year’s Eve – Happy New Year 2018






Happy New Year Spock


Enjoy a re-post


Bones lowered his tricorder. “You’re physically exhausted. Mentally too for that matter.”

Jim sighed. “Tell me something I don’t know.”

“That zap you got down on the planet didn’t do any permanent damage, but I’d say it has contributed to the exhaustion.” Bones grimaced. “I’m confining you to quarters, Jim.”

Jim got up from the edge of the bed and pulled his black undershirt back on over his head. “The New Year’s Eve party is tonight.”

“I don’t care. Right now, I want you to lie down and take a nap. When you wake up, I want you to order baked chicken and steamed vegetables. You can do reports, but no parties, no bridge. Stay here.”

“The crew will be disappointed.”

“I’ll tell them it was my orders. You spent Christmas with them. They’ll get over it.”

Jim yawned and then smiled. “I think I’m too tired to argue with you.”

“For once. That tells me how bad off you are if you aren’t bitching at me.” Bones pushed him down on the bed. “Sleep. I’ll check on you in the morning.”

“Thanks, Bones.”

“Yeah, yeah.”


Spock had learned from Dr. McCoy that his captain would not be at the New Year’s Eve gathering. As first officer it should have fallen on him to take his captain’s place but Spock had no desire to spend the evening in mindless revelry celebrating the beginning of a new year that seemed little changed from the year before. Especially without his captain there.

So, he had left the duty of attending the party to Nyota, Mr. Scott, Dr. McCoy and the others. No doubt they would have a more enjoyable time without Spock’s watchful eye anyway. Nyota had mentioned more than once he tended to show his disapproval to the crew without realizing it. He intended to check on the welfare of the captain instead of attending the party.

Spock had not been on the landing party earlier that day when the captain had, but Spock had learned he had been given a shock when he had touched an obelisk and been thrown to the ground. He had requested to be in the landing party as he had noticed the last six missions Jim had returned with some sort of injury. Fortunately only one of them had been serious. Spock could still picture the blood that had been smeared all over his captain as they had beamed back aboard the Enterprise. Due to the captain’s ability to find trouble wherever he went, Spock had wished to be there in the hopes of preventing it. Jim had just stared at him with those blue eyes of his, cool and commanding, and denied Spock’s request.

Spock had been given a report by Dr. McCoy who had declared that other than exhaustion, the captain was fine. He intended to find out for himself.

“Enter,” Jim said, when Spock announced his presence.

Jim sat behind his desk, working on his terminal. Next to him was an empty plate and cup. His captain smiled. “Hey, Spock.”

Noting the dark circles under his captain’s eyes, Spock said, “Perhaps you should still be resting, Captain.”

“I am resting. Or sort of. I did manage to get an hour or so of sleep.”

Spock shook his head. “That is not enough. You look fatigued.”

The captain grinned. “Is that your not so subtle way of saying I look like shit?”

“You are as aesthetically pleasing as always, but there are clear signs of fatigue.”

“Wait, did you just say I’m attractive?”


The captain frowned. “But you said—”

“What is it you are doing now, Captain?”

“Huh? Oh. Reports.”

“If they cannot wait, I will do them for you.”

“Spock, I’m fine.”

“You were injured less than five hours ago. An injury you would not have sustained had I accompanied you.”

The captain raised both brows. “You can’t know that.”

“It is more certain than when I do not accompany you.”

“It wasn’t much of an injury anyway. Just a little shock. I have had worse.”

“That does not comfort me. You should try to sleep for additional hours.”


He arched a brow. “Captain.”

Jim sighed. “Well, just for a few hours, I guess. I do feel tired.”

The captain rose from behind his desk and padded bare foot to the bunk. He sat down on the edge and then grinned up at Spock. He slapped the spot next to him. “Sit.”


“Sit. Just for a moment. It’s an order.”

Spock reluctantly sat on the bed next to Jim. Whenever he was this close to Jim he felt unsettled, alive in ways he had not felt before. It was not an unpleasant feeling but it was something he was not used to with anyone else. And whenever he moved away, Spock yearned for more.

“You didn’t want to go to the New Year’s party with the others?”

“No, I did not.”

Jim tilted his head. “Why not?”

He hesitated, unsure of how much to say, to admit, then said, “I would rather spend the evening with you.”

“Oh.” Jim smiled. “Oh.” And then, his smile grew brighter. His gaze flicked to the digital clock on the wall. “You know what time it is?”

“Of course.”

The captain laughed. “Of course. Well, you know it is Earth tradition, when it’s midnight of the New Year to share a kiss with the person next to you.”


And then Jim leaned toward him, very close to Spock’s face. For a moment Spock thought Jim might just kiss his cheek, but then his lips—lips that had always seemed so illogically appealing—hovered less than an inch from Spock’s. Jim’s hot breath fanned over Spock’s lips with just a touch of the scent of spiced Vulcan tea.

Blue eyes stared intently into his eyes and then lashes lowered, hiding those cerulean eyes, and Jim’s lips covered his in perhaps the warmest, sweetest, hungriest kiss Spock had ever had. All too soon, Jim pulled away.

“Happy New Year, Mr. Spock.”

“Happy New Year, Captain.”

And before he could tell himself this was all completely illogical and far too emotionally charged, Spock grabbed a fist full of Jim’s shirt and pulled him closer, smashing his lips hard over Jim’s. There was a slight surprised gasp from Jim’s mouth but then he was kissing Spock back with a  desperation Spock very much appreciated.

When they broke apart, Jim’s eyes were dilated, as he breathed, “Spock?”


“Don’t you think you should call me Jim if you’re going to fuck me?”

Spock kissed him again, nibbling his lips until they were plump and swollen. “Do you think sexual congress is wise under the circumstances?”

“Hell, yeah. What circumstances?”

“Your exhaustion.”

“It’ll help me sleep.”


“Come on, Spock. Seriously? You can’t come in here declare your love for me and kiss me and then not fuck me.”

Spock frowned. “I did not declare my regard for you.” That was something he would recall if he had done so.

Jim sighed against Spock’s lips. “Pretty much. You said you wanted to spend the evening with me. Spock, we both know that’s as good as a declaration from a Vulcan.”

He opened his mouth to argue the point, but then realized Jim was right. Why should he fight it? What he should do was get them both out of their clothes.

“Mm. What did you say?” Jim asked.

“Clothes. Off.”

“Oh. Yeah. Fuck. God.”

Spock arched a brow. “You seem unable to form complete sentences.”

“You started it.” Jim pulled back from him just enough to yank his black undershirt over his head. He tossed it across the room toward the desk. Then he slid his fingers under Spock’s tunic and undershirt, brushing his fingers over Spock’s bare skin.

Spock growled, there was no other term for it, and pulled off his shirts impatiently. He pushed Jim under him and started tearing at the fastening of Jim’s uniform pants. Which really were too tight. Spock did not care for the way Jim displayed his body.

“Hey, hey,” Jim said with a laugh. “You’re getting all cave man on me. You’re going to rip those.”

He found he did not care, but thought it might be improper to say so. He got the pants undone and yanked them down off Jim’s tight round ass and to his knees before he gave up and let Jim shed them the rest of the way. Off went the regulation briefs too, leaving Jim naked. Gloriously naked. Aesthetically pleasing indeed.

Jim licked his lips, his pupils blown wide. “Now you. Your pants.”

Spock stood and took off the rest of his own clothes with as much efficiency as he could manage given his hands were shaking and his hard cock was pulsing with a need to be inside Jim.

But before he rejoined Jim, he asked, “Lubricant?”

Jim licked his lips and nodded. “Yeah. Um, here.” He turned over onto his stomach and scooted toward the small cabinet next to his bunk. He pulled out a bottle of lubricant and handed it to Spock.

Spock frowned, unable to stop himself from thinking about who else Jim had been with. He did not like feeling jealousy but he seemed unable to stop the feelings where Jim was concerned.

Jim reached for his hand, and closed his fingers over Spock’s palm. “Hey. Stop thinking. Forget about that. It’s just us now. Just you. Just me. Together. Okay?”

“Affirmative.” He lay on Jim and crushed their mouths together, shoving his tongue past Jim’s lips, invading the warm, moistness inside. He had not realized this was what he wanted. This was what he’d wanted for a long time. Perhaps from the beginning when he’d first laid eyes on James Kirk at the Kobayashi Muru test. But he had not allowed himself to think about it. Think about Jim. Nyota had known. She had ended things with Spock because of his fascination for Jim. She’d called it an obsession. Maybe it was. There had to be a reason Spock had to be near Jim. Had to keep him safe. Which only became worse after Jim had died.

Spock’s hands covered, slaked over every inch of Jim’s naked, golden skin. Where his fingers caressed, his tongue followed, leaving a trail all over the warm human skin.

Jim gasped under him, his body writhing under Spock, whimpers spilling from his lips. “Spock, please. Spock. God. Please.”

He squirted lubricant from the bottle and reached for Jim’s legs to spread them. One leg Spock placed on his shoulder and the other Jim bent at the knee. Spock pushed a slicked finger in Jim’s tight passage.

“Yes. Damn,” Jim hissed.

“Does it hurt?” Spock asked.

“No, no. Not really. It’s just…it’s been awhile.”

“You have abstained from sexual congress?”

Jim’s laugh was breathless. “Yes. Okay. But, you know, now is not the time to get into a long conversation, Spock. I’m dying here.”

“If you are dying—”

“I swear to God I’m going to fucking kill you if you don’t get on with it.”

Spock felt his lips twitch into a smile and he added a second finger. This time Jim only groaned and spread his legs farther apart. By the time he inserted a third, Jim was panting.

“Please, fuck me already.”

Spock slicked his erection with more lube and then poised himself at Jim’s entrance. With careful precision, Spock pushed the head of his cock into Jim’s ass.

“Spock, please, I’m not fragile. Fuck me. And hard.”

He decided he didn’t need any further permission and he slid in balls deep. Jim gave a contented sigh even as his own hand wrapped around his cock and stroked as Spock thrust into him over and over.

The pace was hard, fast, brutal, and deep. They both matched each other eagerly. Jim rising to meet each thrust that Spock pounded into him. Spock had always found sexual congress pleasing, but this…this was different. More intense, more all-consuming. And it was like coming home.

Even as Jim’s breaths shuttered and he gasped out his orgasm, splattering cum across both of them, Spock felt his own release tingling up the base of his spine and with several deep thrusts, he emptied into Jim’s passage.


Jim woke later in the night, unsure really what time it was. Or if it was night. Spock still lay in his bed. In fact Spock pretty much lay on Jim and his arms were wrapped snugly around Jim’s waist.

Blankets were wrapped around them too and Jim wasn’t sure how that happened, but he guessed he’d slept through Spock taking care of him. He smiled and laid his head on Spock’s chest and then he felt Spock’s fingers combing through his hair.

“Hey, you’re awake.”


“Since when?”

“A while. I found it pleasant to hold you while you slept.”

“That was—”


“That too. But amazing. Can we do it again?”

“If you wish.”

Jim snorted. “I always wish.”


“Yes?” Jim started to worry when he felt Spock tense up.

“Vulcans, and especially me, do not do casual relationships.”

“I know that, Spock. Is that what you think this is?”

“I do not wish it to be.”

Jim smiled and kissed the bare chest under his head. “Are you saying you want to marry me or something?”


He sat up and stared at Spock, but the Vulcan’s dark eyes were intense and serious.

“Spock, I was kidding.”

“I am not.”

“You-you do?”

“That would please me more than anything. As you have already guessed, I cherish thee.”

Happiness threatened to make him giddy. Jim tried to control it, but it bubbled over into a  laugh. “Yeah? I pretty much cherish you, too.” He lay back down and snuggled close. “So are we really going to get married?”

“In the Vulcan way, yes. Also in the human way, if you would like. Whatever will please you, Jim.”

“You, Spock. You please me. Happy New Year.”

“Happy New Year, Ashayam.”

Follow up story is Memories of You, if interested.


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