“Okay,” Jim announced after breakfast following their gratitude feast. “Thanksgiving is now over, so it’s time to think about Christmas.”

That morning, Spock had toasted pumpkin bread with vegetarian spread on it while Jim had made himself a turkey, broccoli, and cheese omelet.

“It is not yet December.”

“Right, but there’s a lot of planning. Gotta get a tree, decorate it, get stuff for you, find something for Hanukkah, watch holiday movies…”

“Holiday movies?

Oh yeah. I have copies on my computer of every A Christmas Carol ever made. And lots of other things too. Rudolph, Christmas Vacation, Prancer—”

Spock frowned slightly. “Am I expected to watch all these as well?”

Jim’s smile brightened. He looked suddenly quite dangerous. Spock put his PADD down.

Well…you don’t have to.”

Spock allowed himself a moment of relief.

“If you love me, however…”

“I will watch them,” Spock said quickly.

“That’s the spirit. It’ll be fun. And we can drink egg nog, well I can, you can have, um hot chocolate, and then there’s the night we go caroling.”


Jim laughed. “Not like, um, you know, Carol Marcus, we’d go singing. Holiday Carols.”

I do not sing, Ashayam.”

“Okay, okay, maybe I’ll let you slide on that.”

“Thank you.”

Jim’s smile suddenly disappeared, and he went to where Spock sat on the couch and perched himself on Spock’s lap. Spock eagerly pulled him closer.   

I never really got to celebrate too much, you know? Growing up. It was no fun without Mom. And Frank…”

Spock put his fingertips on Jim’s lips. “Do not think on him, Ashayam.”

Jim nodded.  “And I ‘m always so busy on the ship, I don’t allow myself too much merriment there either. We may not get an opportunity like this for years, if ever, so…I’d like to make it kind of special.” He leaned down to kiss Spock quickly. “With you.”

Spock cupped Jim’s jaw then. “We will do anything and everything you wish to do, Jim.”


“Yes. Everything.”

“I love you, Spock.”

“And you are everything.”