“Do you believe in ghosts and the like?”

“Oh, for God’s sake, Jim. I’m trying to study for a big exam here.”

Jim nudged Bones’ leg as he sat before his terminal in their combined dorm. Bones didn’t just have a cup of black coffee next to him, but a carafe.

Hand on one hip, Jim smirked. “I’m serious.”

“You think asking me if I believe in spooks is serious?”

“Uh-huh. I think I saw one.”

“How much did you have to drink?”

“Nothing! It was at the library. I was sitting at the table in the back by the philosophy section. All by myself.”

Bones snorted. “And you’re surprised? It was philosophy. Boring.”

“I know.” Jim rolled his eyes. “You’re a doctor not a philosopher.”

“Yep. Go away. You’re bugging me.”

“Anyway, as I was sitting there, he appeared…”

“Of course it was a guy.”

“Dark hair, pale skin, all dressed in black, and like a hooded cape on.”

“And that makes him a spook?”

“No. But I looked down at my PADD for like a second when I got a message from Sam and when I looked up the hooded figure was gone.”

“Hooded figure? You watch too many movies. He just went to another part of the library, Jim.”

“I would have thought so but I looked around everywhere and he was nowhere to be found.” Jim sat on the edge of Bone’s desk. “I think he was a ghost.”

“Sure, sure.” Bones leaned back in his chair. “Did you tell the professor?”

“No,” Jim said quickly. “He’d think I was crazy and illogical to boot.”

“Gotta agree with him there. I’m actually surprised you aren’t with him. Or he’s not with you. I thought you two had been sewn together or something.”

“Don’t be stupid. I asked if he wanted to be and he said no.”

Bones rolled his eyes. “Didn’t I tell you to get lost?”

“Yeah, yeah. He’s having dinner with his folks.”

“Didn’t invite you?”

“Not this time. It’s still pretty new, you know? And I think he’s waiting to see if he can stand me that long.”

“Oh he can stand you. I know from all the times I’ve seen his tongue in your mouth.”

Jim laughed and shoved him. “I’m going back to the library.”

“In search of ghosts?”

“Nah, philosophy. I still want to find a book I’m looking for. Haven’t found it yet, though it’s supposed to be there and no one has checked it out.”

“Woooowooo, spooky,” Bones said, sarcastically.

“Oh be quiet. See you later. And ease up on the caffeine dude. You’re shaking.”

Jim headed back down the campus to the library. It was a quiet night without many people around. There was a slight crisp in the air, the kind that would make his boyfriend pull on a sweater but Jim didn’t mind it.

It was a Friday night, so he knew hardly anyone would be around and though he’d mentioned his “ghost” to Bones, Jim hadn’t really believed it.

He went right up to the Philosophy section to look for his book. He’d been looking for about ten minutes when he decided to go to the table he’d sat at before and leave his book bag there. He turned the corner of the aisle and saw…

The hooded man. He was leaning over the table, placing something there.


The man turned toward him and his hood fell slightly revealing pointed ears.

Jim frowned, heart thundering. “Spock? Is that…”

But no, the Vulcan looked older and…

He disappeared in front of Jim’s eyes.

“What the…”

Jim shook his head rapidly. No way. He went over to the table and looked down at what the figure had placed on his table.

It was the book he’d been looking for. He put his hand on it. Real.

His communicator beeped and Jim jumped. He fished it out of his pocket, looked at who it was, and flipped it open.

“Hi. You through? Yeah. Me too. I’m leaving the library. Meet you at your apartment. Bye.”

He closed it. Put it away and stuffed the book into his bag.

“Thanks,”  he muttered and left the library.

Our Hooded Figure