It’s Labor Day and what better time for the first Walk With Me in September? These pictures are still from my neighborhood, just a bit of a different route than I generally take.

Clouds on the horizon means humid today, ugh
Just Approaching a house on the way to one of the two “main drags” in the city
Purple and white flowers in front of said house
More pretty bush flowers (flowering bushes?)
One of the two main drags in the city I live in! (it IS Labor Day, so not much traffic)
More of the main drag (further down on either side are stores you can’t see from this part! This is all residential
This tree has black leaves, not sure what kind he is that has black leaves, a Halloween tree? LOL
Close up of the leaves, they aren’t dead, they are in good shape but you can see they are very dark leaves
View from a side street all the way to the mountains (Santa Monica Mountains)
This guy’s house is rather stark, all gray with no life around the yard
Trees along the path

Check out that tree in the background. He’s got a flattop. The City put a power pole right through him with lines going through him too, which you can probably see, so this old guy adjusted the way he grew to accommodate the fact his branches couldn’t get through the lines.
This is that same tree’s trunk but I don’t think you can see the power lines that pass through his branches. He’s very old and big so I guess I should be glad they didn’t chop him down.
These yellow flowering bushes are everywhere. They are obviously very tolerant of drought prone Southern California. I see them all over the place, fortunately they are pretty!