Jim Kirk was late to a young woman he’d been set up to meet. It wasn’t something he had been looking forward to, honestly, but the woman was the daughter of a friend of his mother’s and Jim’s mom had been pestering him in messages to get it over with.

“If you don’t like her, you won’t have to see her again.”

Yeah, sure. Jim sighed.

So he was dashing down the corridor in the science building, using it as a shortcut actually, to get across campus faster and to the coffee place where Denise was supposed to be waiting.

Commander Marius was coming out of an office to the side. She stopped when she spotted Jim.

“Cadet Kirk.”

“Commander.” He knew it would be rude not to stop.

“Have you seen Commander Spock?”

Jim wished. He had a big time crush on the Vulcan. Unrequited, unfortunately.

“No, ma’am.”

She sighed. “If you happen to, tell him Pike wants to see him. I can’t find him anywhere.”

“Will do.” He watched her continue down the hall and out of the science building. It was the middle of the day, so Jim assumed no one thought Spock would have simply gone home, but it was Jim’s experience, you just never knew. With a shrug, he continued on.

“Mister Kirk.”

Jim stopped, turned around, and looked. He saw no one. He made to keep walking.


What the hell? No one called him that except his mother and Bones when he was trying to be funny. Oh, and that asshole, Finnegan. Suddenly an arm shot out, grabbed him and pulled him through an open door.

“Hey! What—”

Holding on to him was Commander Spock, dressed, rather sloppily, in his black instructor uniform.

“Is she gone?”

Jim stared at him, dumbfounded, trying to wrap his brain around the fact Spock had just called him ‘Jimmy’. “Who?”


“Oh. Yeah. She went back that way. Did you want me to—?”

No. I cannot see her right now. Or Captain Pike.”

Jim angled his head. “Are you all right?”

“Negative. I received a gift today and…has anyone ever advised you that your eyes are the most amazing color? Like the ocean. I could stare into them for hours.”

“Uh. Well. As-as flattering as that is, um, what?”

Spock clutched him, drawing him over to Spock’s desk. “A gift. I received this.” He pointed.

“An empty box?”

“Yes. No.” Spock drew Jim closer and put his arm around Jim. Jim’s heart was actually thundering hard in his chest. “There are so many different shades of blue in your irises.”

Jim licked his lips. “Um. The box?”

“It was chocolate,” Spock blurted out loudly. Then dropped his voice to a whisper. “A box of chocolates. Sent by my mother. I was not to indulge in them at school, however, I-I found myself tempted.”

“Your mom sent you chocolates?”

“For my birthday. Yes. They are tradition between us because I am almost as fond of them as I am of you, but I wasn’t to eat them here. But I had one and before I knew it, I had…eaten them all.”

Jim blew out a breath. Spock blew back at him. It wasn’t funny. Okay it was. And Jim couldn’t help it. He laughed. “You’re drunk, huh?”

“It is not exactly drinking. It is…under the influence. But not drunk. Not the way you get drunk, certainly, ashayam.”

Jim laughed again. “I swear you are cuter than anyone I’ve ever met in my life.”

“The feeling is quite mutual, I assure you.” Spock blew on Jim’s face again. “I need you to see that I make it safely to my apartment without incident or dire circumstances, Cadet Ashayam.”

Shoot. He was supposed to be meeting Dianne or Denise, honestly, he’d forgotten which it was. But taking care of Spock before he became irreparably embarrassed was surely more important. He supposed he could contact one of Spock’s friends, but, well, Jim was already here, wasn’t he?”

“Okay, yeah. I think it’s definitely best to get you home. You can deal with Pike tomorrow.”

Spock was now staring at him, looking straight into Jim’s eyes. “I very much desire to kiss you.”

“Well. Again. I’m flattered. Really. But right now you aren’t thinking like yourself.”

“You do not want to kiss me?”

“Beyond belief,” Jim admitted. “But you’re under the influence and saying stuff you don’t mean, and I’m going to make sure you get home. Okay?”

“Very well, Cadet Ashayam.”

Jim walked with him to the door of the office. He wondered where Spock was hiding when Marius came to look for him, but decided not to ask, he’d let Spock have his secrets. He peered out.

“Looks like the coast is clear,” he announced.

“Then the clouds that came in earlier have dissipated?” Spock asked.

Jim choked. “Yeah. Yeah, honey. Come on.”

“Wait.” Spock clutched his collar.


“You called me honey. Did that not warrant we engage in kissing?”

“No. Come on. And stop distracting me with your cuteness.” Jim got Spock into the corridor and then moved with him quickly down the hallway to the exit door. He pushed the door open and hurried them outside.

Spock tilted his head up to look up at the sky. “You are wrong, Jimmy. The clouds are still here.”

He chuckled. “So, they are. Let’s go, Commander.”

He knew where Spock lived. Not because he’d been stalking him or anything. But well…there’d been a time or two when he’d considered just knocking on Spock’s apartment door and saying, “Hey, do you wanna?” More eloquently, of course.

So he managed to get the Vulcan professor down the street and to his apartment building without much trouble. Spock almost fell into an open manhole once but Jim pulled him back.

“You saved me,” Spock said, staring in awe at Jim.

“Well. Um. You know.” Jim knew he was blushing. Stupid fair skin. He hustled Spock away from that scene and to the building. Spock lived on the fourth floor, so Jim got them into the lift and up to that floor. “Door fob?”

Spock held out his hand but when Jim went to take it, Spock closed his hand over Jim’s. He wrapped his index and middle fingers around Jim’s. “We are now kissing.”

Jim’s jaw dropped. “What?”

“A Vulcan kiss,” Spock said somewhat breathlessly.

Jim laughed and rolled his eyes. “Come on. Behave. You are so going to hate yourself in the morning.” He snatched the fob and opened the door, pulling Spock through and into the apartment. The lights came on with the movement.

He brought Spock over to the sofa.

“Sit down. I’ll make you some tea and then you’re going to sleep it off. How long does this usually last anyway?”

“Only a few hours.”

“Good. I just need to send a message to someone and then I’ll make your tea. You stay there.”

He took out his PADD and went into Spock’s kitchen to get the water ready for tea. While he waited he sent a message off to Denise, that was it, to tell her he was sorry he couldn’t make it, and he’d be unable to reschedule.

Because well…he hoped there was a reason he couldn’t.

He finished the tea and brought it out to the living room, but Spock was already asleep on the couch. Jim shrugged. He could just leave, he guessed, since Spock was out. But well, he didn’t want to, and maybe someone should keep an eye on Spock anyway.

So he sat in a chair nearby and decided to study. He drank the tea. It was kind of weird, but not bad. And when Spock woke up later, Jim hoped he’d be glad to see him.