Mirror Flash!!!

“Are you still angry?”

Jim sighed. “I’m not angry.”

“Your jaw is clenched. Your fists too.”

“That’s because I want to rip those bangs off—”

Up went the eyebrow. “But you are not angry.”

He sighed again. “Okay. A little angry.”

“I apologize.”

Jim eyed him. “For what?”

“Whatever I have done to displease you.”

He snorted. “It won’t be that easy, pointy.”


“Don’t make me have you sent to the booth.”

“You would not.” A pause. “Would you?”

“It’s tempting.”

A kiss on the back of his neck. He closed his eyes.

“I told you it would not be that easy.”

“I worship you.”


“You are everything and more.”


“I would die for you.”


“I would kill for you.”

“And have.”


“Do not start with that shit.”


“Hardly.” A hand dipped into his pants and wrapped around his— “Unnhh.”

“Am I forgiven?”

“Yes, yes, anything. Just fuck me already.”