Wow did I update a lot this week or what!

I updated My Devotion, The Mysterious One, The Sight, Nine Lives, and finished Hello Darkness, My Old Friend. Also a flash fic.

Coming up this week will be another chapter of The Experiment, When I Loved You, Didn’t We Almost Have It All and another Flash. Hopefully it will be the last part of Revealing but if not I’ll get something up.

This past Saturday was my second great niece’s first birthday party. We had to build an ark to get there but we made it. I was lucky that they changed the location to a closer place. An Italian restaurant in Los Feliz (fun fact, Chris P lives there, no not at the restaurant, and no I didn’t see him).

Another fun-filled work week is ahead of me (and some more rain too), but at least I have a three day weekend next week as I took the 11th off just for the hell of it. We also booked M’s trip to Idaho to see his aunt who’s husband passed away just a few days before Christmas. He’ll be going the first week of April (her birthday is that week too).

I saw Phil did NOT see his shadow so Spring is coming. Yay. LOL. He’s a cutie. Kris, you should get one of HIM. HA HA