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I’m continuing Trashing the Tree here as you all know.

I am also working on a Pinto story that should be posted the first Friday in January.

My next updates, that I will be trying to fit in over the next couple of weeks are Didn’t We Almost Have it All, The Ties That Bind, and My Heart’s a Virgin.

Woo. That’s enough to make anyone sweat. Fortunately I did finish my T’hy’la Bang story.

This week on Thursday is our work Christmas Party and Potluck as well as Gift Exchange. I am doing a salad.

Next weekend is another busy one. The Christmas holiday is approaching and I have family get togethers and all around cheer. And five days off of work in a row (ha ha, that includes weekends, of course) Once Friday the 21st passes I don’t have to return until December 27th.

Anyway, you can expect much writing over the next few weeks. I am crazed, I know. Good thing I am done with shopping!