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As most of you who follow along here know, I had planned on posting for my flash fic on Friday, December 28, a little tale based on It’s a Wonderful Life.

However, as I realized increasingly that life commitments and trying to do other stuff was going to prevent me from being anywhere close to finishing the original story intended for the T’hy’la Bang, I realized, even as the “check-in email” arrived that I was going to have to either withdraw or submit something else I could write real fast or was already well into meeting the word requirements. The last T’hy’la Bang required 10,000 words, I believe, and this one only requires 2,000. Wonderful Life is over 3,000 so it suits.

The bad news is that story, originally planned, needs to be put aside for now. I will write it, but after the holidays and after some other stories get updated, etc.

My Devotion received its update today.

I have the first January flash fic planned to be Pinto-related. So that left me afloat as to what to post December 28th. I quickly wrote something up for that called “First Footing” and it’s ready to go. But it has also occurred to me that it could work for part of a fic someone requested from me, so we shall see. I might post it only here and not on AO3 until I decide its ultimate fate.

In the meantime, at home I am not really writing. I’ve been online shopping (favorite pastime), watching Christmas movies, and cuddling with M and Luna.  Yes, she has become unbearably spoiled.

This coming weekend I have a Christmas party on Sunday afternoon and everything. I think it will be fun. We shall see.