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Today would have been my dad’s 96th birthday.

I am sure I have told this before, but when I was  a kid, I loved the Christmas song, Donde Esta Santa Claus by Augie Rios. I had the record, and in those days records were vinyl. I would come home from school and my dad would have that record on and I would get so excited. He’d put it on weeks early because I loved it so much.

Many years later, but a few years back now, I was sitting waiting in my car for the commuter bus I took at the time into work. It was December 12th. One of the local radio stations played Christmas music all day every day beginning then around Thanksgiving (they start even earlier these days). I’d listened to that station every day and never once heard Donde Esta Santa Claus on it. Until that day. My dad’s birthday.

I’ll never forget that as long as I live (or as long as I am granted my sanity). It gave me chills.

Today I own that song in digital form and I will be listening to it in honor of my dad.

Season’s Greetings