I got a request to return to my Friday Flash Fics, so this is the first one. Now, you can expect possibly a Pinto fic in the future, but for now, for this first one, I am posting this one. I was inspired watching the Christmas Cookie Baking Championship on the Food Network. Enjoy!


“Excuse me but you are the hottest guy here.” Jim scooted up next to the Vulcan who sat by himself at the bar.

Jim had been surprised to see the Vulcan at this event. It was supposed to be a holiday cookie exchange party. Everyone was supposed to bring a dozen cookies and then choose someone to exchange them with. It wasn’t really Jim’s scene, but he had nothing else to do and everyone he normally hung out with had other stuff to do.

And yeah, he’d cheated by buying cookies at a bakery.

“My temperature is not particularly elevated,” the Vulcan said.

Jim sat on the stool next to him. “And funny too.” He smiled. “Jim Kirk.”

The Vulcan merely stared at him.

Jim’s smile widened. “Now, see the way it works, is I say, Hi, I’m Jim Kirk.” He put his hand toward Spock’s. “And you say, hi, I’m…”


Jim grabbed Spock’s hand and pressed his to it.

The Vulcan blinked but he did not move his hand away, so Jim considered that a win.

“Vulcan hands are—”

“I know.” Jim winked. “Jim Kirk.”


“Success! I thought I was going to have to beg. Not that I wouldn’t have or anything. Are you alone?”

“You are with me.”

“Good answer. You bet I am. Want to exchange…cookies?”

Spock arched a brow, which was really damn sexy, actually. “I brought gingerbread cookies.”

“I brought spritz cookies. Decorated with red and green sprinkles.”

“Very simple cookies.”

“I know, but the truth is I don’t actually bake. I bought the cookies.” Jim gave him what he thought was a charming sheepish grin. “It’s terrible, I know, but it was all last minute. I didn’t even know this was going on until I happened to walk past a sign. See, I’m all alone this weekend. No friends. No one.” He stared into Spock’s dark eyes. “Is your apartment close?”

“You are quite bold.”

Jim didn’t think he imagined the green tint to Spock’s cheeks.

“I told you, you’re super-hot. Insanely. I didn’t have any idea you’d be here. I’d have stepped up my game if I knew but—”

“I did not come here with the idea of engaging in copulation.”

“Oh my God, I might have just creamed my pants.”

“Mister Kirk—”

“It’s Jim. Or just Kirk, if you really have to.”

“The point is, my mother wanted to come here tonight and—”

“Wait. I thought you said you were alone.”

“I said that you were with me.”

Jim frowned. Yeah, okay, Spock never said he was alone. And now, shit, Spock wasn’t interested. Obviously. Whether because his mother was there or because he…he just wasn’t interested.

It was hard to hide his disappointment, but he forced himself to smile. “Oh. Well. Yeah, that’s true. I’m sorry to have—”


Jim turned as a really pretty dark-haired human woman wearing a flowered scarf around her head.


She smiled at Jim. “I’m Spock’s mother, Amanda.”

“Jim Kirk.”

“How lovely to meet you, Jim. Are you exchanging cookies with Spock?”

“Well. I hoped to. But I think Spock—”

“Yes, we are,” Spock spoke up.

Jim glanced at Spock in surprise.

“In fact, if you and your friend no longer need me, Jim and I thought we would have our cookies elsewhere.”

“Oh.” Her eyes sparkled. “Well, yes, of course, Spock. Andi and I aren’t quite ready to leave yet, we’re still tasting cookies, but if you’d like to go with Jim, that’s fine.”

Spock nodded.

Amanda looked at Jim. “Your cookies must have been quite delicious to convince my son so quickly.”

Jim coughed. “Yes. Um. Yes, ma’am.”

“Anyway, I’ll see you later, Spock. Andi is waving me over. She’s holding a plate of shortbread.”

Jim watched her walk away and he turned back to Spock. “You don’t have to—”

Spock slid off his stool. “In answer to your question, Mister Kirk, my apartment is close.”

“Oh.” Jim licked his dry lips. “Oh.”

Spock grabbed his arm and turned him toward the exit.

“Wait. What about our cookies?”

“I do not like spritz cookies.” Spock pushed open the door.

“Oh, thank God, because I hate gingerbread.” Jim hurried after him.