Well, this has been a challenging week to say the least.

I have been without internet and television for a few days now but it finally is back on.

Crazy dying. I still can’t quite wrap my brain around that, honestly. I keep expecting to come home and have her greet us at the door as she has for the last six years. And she…doesn’t.

I think Luna might actually like being the center of attention. We will see. M says that it’s me more than Luna that wants another one and he might be right. But there’s no hurry. We have enough to deal with right now.

The fires. Wow. I don’t even know how to describe it. We made it home Friday night. Many of my co-workers had to be evacuated from their houses. I don’t know if any of them lost their home but I guess we will know soon enough.

But as I was looking outside my bedroom window about 5:30 Friday night, I saw flames  on what looked like the hills by our townhome. I freaked out and eventually M couldn’t stand me anymore and said we’d go up to the parking lot of the mall behind our house to see what we could see. To my relief, it was quite a bit further away than I thought it was. I calmed down and we returned home. Later that night I saw that the flames were gone and all I can say is the firemen are absolutely phenomenal.

Saturday the winds calmed down. They were able to make a tiny bit of progress.

Today the winds are back with a vengeance and everyone is freaked out and on edge.Worse, the winds are supposed to last for days.

I got no writing done this weekend, obviously, except that I wrote something super quick. I got a request to start posting flash fics on Fridays again so you can expect the first one to come this Friday.

That’s the news coming from me this week. Please hope and pray for us that it doesn’t get worse.