I’m allowing myself to panic a little or feel a bit overwhelmed. Or I did for a second. I think I am calmer now.

You know the last couple of weeks I’ve had. And yeah I could have had it worse. I know that. But it’s been stressful.

Yesterday I updated My Heart’s a Virgin and today All I Ever Wanted. I feel fantastic about both updates. I do.

But then I got an email today asking me to check into the T’hy”la Bang to see how I was doing. That’s when I felt…overwhelmed. OMG. I have BARELY started. And I have SO much to do.

But then I reminded myself, hey, you got A Beginning done for the OMS challenge. It’s only November 13, you have time to finish your Christmas one. You have a ton written on it, you will have it done in time to post in December. And the T’hy’la thing doesn’t post until January. I calmed down.

I had a moment when I almost hit the “withdraw” from the T’hy’la Bang thing though. But I really want to write that story.  So I am good. Deep breaths.