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Had my onsite screening today at work where I get discounts on my insurance depending on if I pass certain criteria.

I was one number off for my blood pressure, which is still too damn high, even though I lost 40 pounds. I am really disappointed I didn’t meet that for my BP because I thought I would. My glucose level was 86 which is great and my cholesterol was good too. But they just tell you those, those don’t count toward the discount, the BP does.

So basically of the $700 I could get I am only getting $300. That sucks and I am mad at myself.

I also ate and drank too much over this past weekend. We had my cousin here but that was no excuse to go on a binge. And then Thursday we have another thing with her. I’ll have to be careful not to over do it more. I am fasting today.

I’ll probably update my Professor Spock story only a handful of people are even reading later this week. Other than that I am pretty unmotivated to write anything.

I’m in a bit of a funk, honestly, but hopefully it will work it’s way through.