First, I saw some poor guy on a motorcycle get hit by a car this morning on the way to work. It was AWFUL. Still shaken up by it. The guy was sitting up when someone went to him, so that was good. But it was just so horrible. I still can’t believe how close the car that hit him was following him. I witnessed it and I still can’t fathom how that asshole hit him. It looked almost deliberate.

Second, a note about canon. I’m going to lock this post from comments because I don’t want to get into any arguments with anyone and this is MY opinion on what is canon and I cannot be dissuaded from it.

To me what the original creator created is canon. So in this case of the characters of Spock, Kirk, McCoy, Uhura, Chekov, Sulu, etc, created by Gene, as created by Gene, are canon. As he created TNG this would be the same for those characters. Those behind DS9, Voyager and Enterprise created that.

In the case of the new movies, no Spock and Uhura being together is NOT canon. Gene did not create them as a couple. He created t’hy’la to describe the relationship between Spock and Kirk, whether you believe it was platonic or not. In much the same way, George T can claim Sulu being gay is not canon, because that’s not what Gene created, I submit the same for Spock and Uhura. No, not canon.

JJ changed it just like any fanfiction author has over the years. We can change what we want to suit our purposes too, but that doesn’t make it canon.

And frankly, I feel the same about Michael Burnham from Discovery. Canonly, she is NOT Spock’s adopted sister. While the original cast was still active in the show and the movies, Gene never created this scenario/storyline for Spock. In fact, Leonard Nimoy had already passed away and had absolutely nothing to be able to say in this. So, just like the other, I think the Discovery writers who decided to add her as Spock’s “adopted sister” is just the same as fanfiction and non-canon.

What prompted this? Well stuff on tumblr of course. I enjoy many aspects of tumblr but there is much to really dislike.

Anyway, thanks for listening, or not.