This is the final part of The Beginning. I will probably start posting to AO3 soon with this but wanted you to see this last part first 🙂

James_T._Kirk_Chris_Pine_in_Trouble  “You were totally scared,” Jim said, as the door of Spock’s apartment closed behind them.

“I refute that statement.”

“Spock, you jumped ten feet in the air. Three times.”

“I was merely startled by the unexpected appearance of the apparition.”

Jim grinned as they entered the kitchen for Spock to make tea. “That’s fear, Spock.”

“My pulse was not elevated.”

“Well, now. Maybe there’s something we can do to change that.”

Spock blinked at him.

Jim’s smile widened. “You know this is our third date.”

“And there is some significance in that?”

He rolled his eyes. “Come on, Spock. That oh so innocent Vulcan act isn’t going to work on me. You are super-duper smart.”

“Super-duper?” That earned him that sexy one eyebrow raise.

“The point is, you know the meaning of a third date. I know you do, because you are brilliant. And you’ve been here in San Francisco for a while now. You know.”

Spock brought over Jim’s tea. “You refer to copulation.”

Jim choked on the sip he’d taken. “Uh. Well. Yeah. Although I wouldn’t have used that word.”

“But that is what you are referring to.”

Jim shrugged and started to rise. “Well, if you aren’t interested then—”

Spock growled and removed the teacup from Jim’s hand. “I am interested.” He slid his hands up Jim’s arms.

He sucked in a breath. “That did wonders for my pulse.”

“Do you want to finish your tea?”

“What tea?”

Spock nodded, his nostrils flaring, and pulled Jim toward the bedroom.